Why Does Texas A&M Wear Military Uniforms? – 4 Reasons

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why does texas a&m wear military uniforms

In a crowd of students from different universities in the United States, there’s one school that would really stand out– Texas A&M. Continue reading if you’re interested to know what makes their students different from the others.

So, why does Texas A&M wear military uniforms, this is because their students are living a disciplined lifestyle which can be seen first through their uniforms. However, Texas A&M students wear military uniforms only if they are members of the Corps of Cadets.

Reasons Why Students Wear Texas A&M Uniforms


1. Part of the Corps of Cadets

Today, Texas A&M holds the largest uniformed body outside of the United States service academies. If you have been pondering why there are so many military at Texas A&M, this is because Texas A&M is one of the six universities with Corps of Cadets and civilians studying together.

Participation in the Corps of Cadets aims to prepare students for bigger responsibilities and leadership roles in the U.S military, government, and private sectors. As part of their training, wearing the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets uniforms is a must before carrying out daily formations, and other activities related to the military.

2. Military uniforms play a vital role in history and tradition

The past teaches us about the present. History is a series of events that have happened which provides us with our identity. Social, intellectual, cultural, military development, etc. are all part of history.

Cadets are also known as the “Keepers of the Spirit” and “Guardians of Traditions.” That being said, the Texas A&M student uniforms should be worn properly as it reminds everyone of who they are and what they represent as part of Texas A&M military school.

3. Represent pride

Part of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets military obligation is to wear their military uniform with pride and dignity as they are representing the oldest student organization on campus. The first thing people will notice upon seeing them is their appearance.

With that, it is important to wear uniforms in a neat and serviceable condition. They should set a good example towards their peers and fellow Cadets.

4. Provides distinction

Most universities do not require students to wear school uniforms. This is because they believe that it is easier to learn if you are comfortable during the lecture. But Texas A&M is an exception to this.

Currently, there are over 2000 students enrolled as part of Corps of Cadets. The military uniforms at Texas A&M help them to stand out from the crowd. Texas A&M students or also known as “Aggies” wear uniforms so they can be easily recognized and distinguished for the service they do.

All About Texas A&M


Texas A&M with the former name “Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas” is a military college, established in 1876. It is the state’s first public institution of higher education and also one of the largest universities among the nation.

Texas A&M was once an all-men school but in the 1960s, president General James Earl Rudder opened the university’s door to both men and women. This is also the time when he changed the school’s name to “Texas A&M University,” disregarding the former meaning of it.

It is known for its excellent reputation and high quality academic programs. The students, also nicknamed as “Aggies” are also popular because of their determination, character, and loyalty towards their beloved alma mater.

Frequently Asked Questions


What branch of the military is at Texas A&M?

When you enter Texas A&M and seek commission, you’ll continue the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) course throughout your junior and senior years. One can obtain a commission in the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marine corps as this is now supported by all branches of the US military.

Why do some Texas A&M band members wear boots?

The Texas A&M band uniforms for seniors include boots. The seniors are given the chance to wear brown leather boots–senior boots as what they call it– to achieve a different look from the other classes.

What do Texas A&M Corps of Cadets outfits mean?

Students join an outfit or unit based on their personalities and choice of ROTC course. Roommates are typically of the same outfit and class as they share the same traits. As they live together, they are also in charge of keeping an eye on each other. That’s why there are distinct Texas A&M brown uniforms.


Uniforms play an important role for students who attend military school. Not only do uniforms protect one from any physical harm during the training, it is also easier to identify what class he/she belongs to.

Uniform isn’t just a part of traditions. It is one way of showing how disciplined a student is as a member of Texas A&M Corps of Cadets.

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