Who Makes Spikes Tactical Barrels? Facts You Must Know!

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who makes spikes tactical barrels

For many reasons, most of which is justified, people choose to carry and collect firearms for work and personal use.

Those well-versed in the firearms industry know that a firearm is incomplete without its barrel. Moreover, investing in a high-quality barrel for your firearm makes a major impact.

Spike’s Tactical is a well-known gun manufacturer that sells high-quality firearms such pistols, AR-15 platform rifles, and other gun parts. Even though they make the rest of the firearm, some gun parts, such as barrels are not made by the same company.

You might ask, “who makes Spikes Tactical barrels?” To answer that: Spikes Tactical taps different barrel manufacturers such as BSF Barrels, Lothar Walther, Spr Barrels, FN Herstal, and more.

Check out the details below to learn about Spikes Tactical and the companies making its barrels.

About Spikes Tactical

Spikes Tactical has provided the market with great firearms and gun accessories since its inception in 2004, including the Spikes optimum barrel. Spikes Tactical reliability ranks them as the top gun manufacturer for years.

One of the best things about Spikes Tactical is its barrels. With different rifles, designs come with different barrels. In fact, the barrel is a vital part of your gun build.

Here are the characteristics of barrels of Spikes Tactical:

  • Chrome-lined Barrels – Spike’s barrels are chrome-lined, which is perfect for long-lasting use, for it protects the barrel from corrosion and is easier to clean. An example of this is the Spikes m4 barrel and 16 mid length barrel.
  • Cold Hammer Forged Barrels – this type of barrel is more durable and accurate when used for a long time. Such barrels maintain a high standard of excellence and precision consistently.

Some examples of CHF barrels are BCM barrels and also, an SPR barrel called Spikes Tactical SPR Special Purpose AR15 18 Inch Barrel.

Barrel Manufacturers for Spikes Tactical


1. BSF Barrels

BSF Barrels is a manufacturing company for barrels and other accessories. They have a local US shop that manufactures their carbon fiber barrels.

For the BSF Barrels, they made sure that they only produced the best barrels for their dealers. The company chooses carbon fiber as the base of its barrels because it is tested to have accurate rifling through the warming of the barrel and for being lightweight.

An example of BSF Barrel from Spike’s Tactical website is BSF 9MM Barrel Carbon Fiber Sleeved.

2. FN Herstal

As a maker of weapons and ammo, FN Herstal focuses on weaponry with small calibers. It has other international facilities, such as the United Kingdom and Finland.

In fact, FN Herstal also supplies small firearms to the US military. Their barrels are made from one of the most famous barrels, 41V50 CrMoV or Chrome-Moly-Vanadium steel.

They are also the producer of CHF and PSA Barrels, which they ship to many other companies, such as Spike’s Tactical. CHF Barrels or cold hammer forged barrels are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant.

Most of the time, Spikes Tactical CHF barrels have specifications that are only made for them. So, FN Herstal makes customized barrels for every client’s needs.

Examples of an FN Herstal barrel made for Spike’s Tactical are Spikes FN CHF 16 barrel and Spikes Tactical 11.5” CHF barrel.

3. Lothar Walther

The company, Lothar Walther, has been in the gun-making business for more than 90 years. At present, they manufacture stainless steel barrels. They are also famous for manufacturing button-rifled barrels.

Stainless steel gun barrels can be a good alternative if you are not fond of modern carbon fiber barrels. Stainless steel barrel proves their reliability, for it has been used for years.

There is protection against both corrosion and thermal degradation. Also, it has been used for guns that can combat any weather.

An example of a Lothar Walther barrel for Spike’s Tactical is 300 AAC Blackout 10″ 1:8 Lothar Walther Medium Profile Sb31003-MP.



What barrels do Spikes Tactical use?

Spike’s Tactical uses BSF Barrels, the carbon fiber barrels; FN Herstal, which produces CHF and PSA barrels. And lastly, Lothar Walther manufactures stainless steel gun barrels.

Does Spikes Tactical make their own barrels?

No, Spikes Tactical has partnered with different gun barrel manufacturers to create specific barrels for them. With that, they only choose the best manufacturers to develop barrels that meet Spikes Tactical quality.

What happened to Spike’s Tactical?

Apparently, the Spikes Tactical Youtube account was banned from Youtube because it features gun videos that are against the new community standard.

In the guidelines, Youtube aims to lessen gun violence in any country. Therefore they ban videos that promote the use of guns and other gun activities.

Though Spikes Tactical does not promote gun violence, Youtube still forever bans them as well as other accounts that do the same.

Who owns Spikes Tactical?

Michael and Angela Register started the company Spikes Tactical. They are still the owners of the company today. It has its headquarters in Apopka, Florida.

Are spikes tactical barrels good?

Yes, you can trust that Spikes Tactical only sells premium barrels in their stores and website. They do not just sell barrels, but also other gun parts that are high-quality as well.

In fact, you can upgrade your gun by buying Spikes Tactical quad rail for your barrel to have extra protection for your hands.


Each component of a gun is important to a gun’s reliability and functionality. Since you know who makes Spikes Tactical barrels, you should check out their stores.

Spikes Tactical partnered with other manufacturing companies that offer customized gun barrel specifications. Consider your alternatives carefully.

If ever you want to buy a rifle or part of a rifle, which is the barrel, Spikes Tactical is the company where you can get the best out of your budget.

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