Which Branch of the Military Should I Join? – List of 5

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which branch of the military should i join

Try to imagine that it is time for you to choose a career. You have decided you want to serve the country but are in a dilemma. Is this question, “Which branch of the military should I join?” on your mind right now?

You can decide from these five U.S. military branches: The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Consider many factors, such as basic training, daily life, future jobs, the pros and cons of each military branch, etc., before choosing the best military branch for you.

Check out this article, where we detail each military branch.

The Army


The U.S. Army’s origin dates back to June 14, 1775, when it started out as the Continental Army. The Continental Army was ruled under the leadership of George Washington.

The U.S. Army became the first and oldest military branch of the United States – even older than the country itself!

With over a million soldiers in active duty and reserve, The U.S. Army has the second-highest employment rate in the country.

1. Basic Training


The Army’s basic training is called Basic Combat Training (BCT). Recruits shall undergo 4 phases of BCT in 10 weeks.

What to expect during each phase of BCT:

  • You will learn to use and handle weapons
  • You will be taught the Army’s core values, mission, and vision
  • You will know and practice drills and marches
  • You will undergo tactical and physical training

2. Cool or not cool jobs

The Army offers more than 150 different Military Occupational Specialties or MOSs. Only qualified ASVAB scores are accepted in specific MOS.

Career Title ASVAB Scores
Cool Jobs (68W) Combat Medic Specialist ST – 101 GT – 107
  (17C) Cyber Operations Specialist GT – 110 ST – 112
Uncool Jobs (92G) Food Service Specialist OF – 85
  (92M) Mortuary Affairs Specialist GM – 90

3. Pros And Cons of the Army


  • Training, health insurance, meals, etc., are paid and provided for, so you will likely save more of your salary.
  • If you join traveling, the Army travels a lot around the United States and other countries.
  • Benefits will be given even after being retired.


  • If you are stationed abroad, you will miss a lot of family time.
  • You don’t get to choose where you will be stationed at.
  • There are a lot of possible risks while on the job.

4. Daily timetable

This is what a day looks like for new army recruits in BCT:

Time Activities
0430 Wake up time
0500 Formation and do Physical Training (PT)
0630 Breakfast
0830 Change your uniform and schedule training with your Drill Sergeant
1200 Lunch
1300 Additional training
1700 Dinner
1800 Mail call with Drill Sergeant
2030 Personal Time
2100 Light Out

5. Why should you join the Army?

You should join the U.S. if you are up for the challenge. There are also great benefits if you do so; these are

  • I. Bill, federal grants, and graduate school scholarships.
  • Higher than the average U.S. citizen’s salary.
  • Life-long discipline in life.

The Navy


When it comes to speed, size, and weaponry, the U.S. Navy is exceptional.

The Navy is one of the three United States Armed Forces branches that still engage in military operations at sea. In fact, most of the Navy soldiers’ life is spent traveling through the seas.

The Navy supports the Air Force. More than 80 Air Force jet fighters and bombers deployed worldwide with the help of naval aircraft carriers.

In addition, the Navy is mostly in charge of transporting Marines and works closely with them.

1. Basic training


The Navy’s basic training boot camps last ten weeks, and its training center is in Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois.

The purpose of testing and pushing recruits to their limits is better to equip them for future duties in the Navy.

What to expect during in Navy’s boot camp:

  • You will undergo physical conditioning.
  • You will do physical tests such as drills, survival in the water training, and readiness tests.
  • You will train mentally through academic tests and in-classroom learning.

2. Cool or not cool jobs

Once you have graduated from Navy boot camp, you can choose from 93 MOS jobs available.

However, you must get certain ASVAB scores to qualify for the MOS job. A score of 35 or higher on the ASVAB is required for recruitment.

Career Title ASVAB Scores
Cool Jobs (MM) Machinist’s Mate VE+AR+MK+AS = 200 or VE+AR+MK+AO = 205
(IS) Intelligence Specialist VE+AR = 107
Uncool Jobs (CS) Culinary Specialist VE+AR = 88
(AZ) Aviation Maintenance Administrationman VE+AR= 102

3. Pros And Cons Of The Navy


  • The salary you earn is beneficial for your family.
  • Free training and education grants.
  • Members of the Navy are eligible for special military discounts.


  • There are frequent and extended deployments.
  • If you have motion sickness, you can’t be a Navy.
  • You cannot quit right away, even if you want to.

4. Daily timetable

Daily time schedules differ for the U.S. Navy. It depends on your position, where you are stationed, etc.

Below is an example of a regular day of one of the coolest jobs in the navy, “Machinist’s Mate,” that is aboard a surface ship.

Time Activities
0100 – 0130 Wake up early in the morning and carry out watch rotation
0200 – 0500 Participate in drills for propulsion plant casualties
0630 Relieve from your watch. A new watcher will replace you.
0645 – 0800 Prepare for the day, shower, and have your breakfast
0800 – 1200 Work for this time duration except for Sundays
1200 Lunchtime
1300 – 1600 Back to work on assigned tasks for the day
1630 Time to have snacks after a new watcher replaces you
1630 – 2130 Watch propulsion plant
2130 The new watch will replace you
2130 – 0000 Self-time, clean up and sleep
0600 Wake up

5. Why should you join the Navy?

We’ll share two key points for you to consider joining the Navy.

  • You will have a chance to become a member of Navy special forces groups, just like the Navy SEALS.
  • If you want to earn money for yourself or your family, joining the Navy is a chance to have money. You will be paid from the first day of your training boot camp.

You will be paid more after graduation as your rank increases. For officers rank E-7, their average of $91,000+ yearly.

The Air Force


Established in 1907, the Air Force is the second youngest military branch in the United States. The Air Force’s mission is to be a pathway for accomplishing goals in Earth’s air space and outer space.

1. Basic Training


The Air Force’s basic training is called Basic Military Training (BMT). The duration of their BMT is about 8.5 weeks.

Furthermore, recruits will be training in Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

Here’s what to expect during BMT’s training weeks:

  • Be trained in the Air Force’s core values, time management, and survival skills.
  • Learn to use weapons issued to Airmen
  • Practice Airmen drills

2. Cool or not cool jobs

Career Title ASVAB Scores
Cool Jobs (1T2X1) Pararescue G44
(1T0X1) Survival Evasion, Resist & Escape (SERE) G55
Uncool Jobs (2F0X1) Fuels M47, G38
(3P0X1) Security Forces G33

3. Pros And Cons Of The Air Force


  • Offers the best housing and dorms.
  • The Air Force provides scholarship grants.
  • Airmen get their retirement perks after 20 years of military service.


  • Experience and rank determine the pay.
  • Airmen have appearance standards.

4. Daily timetable

The schedules of each week change. Here’s an example of a day of an Air Force Fighter Pilot.

Time Activities
0500 Day starts
0600 Planning for the day’s goals
0800 Flight briefing
0900 Prepare for flight
1000 Flight departure
1015 Engage in-flight mission
1115 Return to base for refueling and checks
1200 Back to the squadron
1230 Preparation for debriefing
1300 Flight debrief time
1600 Debrief session ends
1600 – beyond End of the day

5. Why should you join the AirForce?

  • If flying aircraft is your passion and you are not afraid of heights, then you can give the Air Force application a try.
  • Air Force men are treated better than other military branches.

The Marine Corps


The U.S. Marine Corps was founded on Nov. 10, 1775. Since then, the Marines have sworn to protect the country and accomplish missions on land and at sea.

Fact: Marines in uniform are not authorized to put their hands in their pockets! They are strict with how they look.

Do you also know what makes a Marine strong and combat-ready? It is because they are trained hard from the beginning of their career.

1. Basic Training


Physical training is one of the most important training in the Marine Corps and other military branches. Here, Marines undergo tough basic training. The entire duration of training to become a Marine is 13 weeks.

Marine recruits are most likely to experience these during their basic training:

  • Marching 24/7
  • Combat simulations
  • Initial Strength Test (IST)
  • The Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test

2. Cool or not cool jobs

There are as many as 80 MOS career fields in the U.S. Marine Corps. Below are the best and worst jobs to have in the Marine Corps.

Career Title ASVAB Scores
Cool Jobs Counterintelligence/human source intelligence CI/HUMINT specialist GT – 110
Avionics Maintenance Chief EL – 105
Uncool Jobs Food Service Specialists GT – 90
Aircraft Maintenance Support Equipment Electrician/Refrigeration Technician MM – 105

3. Pros And Cons Of The Marine Corps


  • Enlisting in the Marines is less challenging.
  • Sign-up benefits.
  • Eligible for GI Bill.


  • The Marine Corps has few vacant positions.
  • Must be physically prepared for combat.
  • Marines are subjected to yearly physical examinations.

4. Daily timetable

A typical day in the Marine Corps boot camp is never the same. But here’s what a day of training camp may look like.

Time Activities
0500 Wake Up And Prepare For The Day
0600 Breakfast
0630-0700 Commanding Officer Time
0730-1100 Physical Training
1100 Commanding Officer Time
1130-1200 Lunch Time
1230-1500 More Physical Training and Recovery Time
1500-1630 Commanding Officer Time
1700-1800 Dinner Time
1800-1900 Leadership Training
1900-2000 Gather At A Bivouac
2000-2100 Personal Hygiene and Free Time
2100 Lights out

5. Why should you join the Marine Corps?

There are physical and academic requirements for getting into the Marines. It is worth a try if you have what it takes.

Other benefits you can enjoy while a Marine:

  • Your wife will be granted military discounts.
  • You will be paid twice a month.
  • Health and dental treatments are free.

The Coast Guard


The U.S. Coast Guard was formed on Aug. 4, 1790. The U. S. Coast Guard is a federal law enforcement organization and military service that provides maritime safety, security, and stewardship.

At last, a centralized government maritime agency was charged with protecting mariners and enforcing maritime regulations.

1. Basic Training


The Coast Guard basic recruit training lasts for 8 weeks. These are the stages that you will have to undergo:

  • Arrival and Briefing
  • Company Formation
  • Orientation About The Basics
  • Realistic Exercises and Training
  • First-Unit Preparation
  • Graduation

2. Cool or not cool jobs

There are 24 MOS jobs available for Coast Guard recruits. Here are the enjoyable and least enjoyable jobs for them:

Career Title ASVAB Scores
Cool Jobs (GM) Gunner’s Mate Min. score – 208
(DC) Damage Controlman Min. score – 152
Uncool Jobs (CS) Culinary Specialist Min. score – 106
(ET) Electronics Technician Min. score -171 (Min. AR – 52) or AFQT – 66

3. Pros And Cons Of The Coast Guard


  • The chance to see the world.
  • You can join specialized training groups.
  • You could be eligible for a mortgage with no down payment.


  • Whether you are stationed on a ship or a base is predetermined.
  • The Coast Guard has a conventional system of authority.

4. Daily Timetable

We cannot provide a daily timetable for any Coast Guard positions, for it changes all time.

However, you can further research by emailing the Coast Guard information center or visiting it personally.

5. Why should you join The Coast Guard?

Here are the benefits when you join the Coast Guard:

  • Annual paid vacation of 30 days and a parental leave period of 12 weeks.
  • GI Bill and other educational programs.
  • Provide assistance for mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best branch of military to join?

The Marine Corps is considered the best military branch to join if you want the best military life.

The Marine Corps offers top-notch training for combat weaponry, has the best outfits, and has the most stunning physiques of any branch of the military.

Which branch of military is the easiest?

Based on the top comment on a Reddit post in 2022, the Navy is the easiest military branch to join.

Which military branch is the safest to join?

The Air Force is the safest military branch you can join. According to statistics regarding war fatalities, the Air Force has deaths of around 4,173 soldiers, whereas the Army has lost more than 874,179 soldiers.

Which military branch is the hardest to enlist in?

Enlisting in the military is already hard enough. However, enlisting in the Air Force requires much academic work and is challenging.

If I want to travel, what military branch should I enter?

The right military branch for you to enter if you don’t mind traveling and don’t have sea sickness is the Navy.

Should I join the Army or the Navy?

It depends on your interests, values, and qualifications. You should weigh your options and do extensive research.

The Navy is responsible for maritime operations and transportation, while the Army prioritizes combat on land and rescue operations.

What is the difference between the Marines vs Air Force?

The Air Force and Marine Corps are quite different because they deal with different responsibilities.

The Air Force oversees all aerial operations and assists ground soldiers with air power. The Marines, on the other hand, are prepared for ground operations and marine transport.

Which military branch is safe to join as a woman?

Suppose you’re a woman considering joining the military. In that case, the Air Force is regarded as the safest and easiest to get in.

Which military branches ranked from best to worst military base?

Fort Richardson and Fort Wainwright in Alaska, and Fort Carson in Colorado, are the two best military posts, according to recruits in 2022.

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, are two of the worst military bases to be stationed at.


Now it is time for you to decide. Reflect on yourself: “Which military branch should I join?” or “Is this branch right for me?”

I Hope that our article, “which branch of the military should i join?” will help you take that big step in your life.

Take time to consolidate your family or your friends. If you are still confused, some military recruiters can help you decide.

Again, there is no easy way to enter any U.S. military branch.

You must be determined to finish training, pass your exams, and be recruited!

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