What to Wear When Meeting a Military Recruiter? & What Not?

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what to wear when meeting a military recruiter

Are you feeling nervous because you are meeting your military recruiter soon? Take one step at a time and get yourself ready for that day! You need to start preparing for a few things, and one of them must be your attire.

What to wear when meeting a military recruiter? There’s no specific dress code, but you must wear smart casual or formal attire.

Remember: the first impression lasts. The recruiters are honest and professional in their work. Therefore, before you learn what to say and not to say, leave a good impression on the way you dress.

We’ve listed tips below for you to consider and also to avoid doing. Read on!

What to wear to an army interview

Do wear smart casual or business dress attire.

It is important that you are comfortable with what you wear. You may sit for a long time, so be sure your outfit is not too tight or loose.

However, looking presentable does not mean you need to spend extra money on buying suits to wear to talk to a recruiter.

There are casual outfits that you can wear, but still give the best impression for your recruiter.

There are various ideas for military outfit women and men to consider.

For male applicants, here are suggested outfits you can try:


  • Choose neutral or solid colors for your outfit. It can be white, black, brown, grey, navy, or beige. Do not choose bright colors like neon. It hurts the eye.
  • Button-down long or short sleeves
  • Sport coat or jacket (plain color or with simple patterns)
  • Collared polo shirt
  • Plain or minimal designed tie
  • Slacks (color matches your top)
  • Belt (optional, but a good accessory)
  • Casual dress shoes or loafers with matching socks
  • Watch, necklace, or bracelet (optional; keep it simple)

For female applicants, here are suggested outfits you can try:


  • Choose neutral colors as well. You can also wear soft baby pink, baby blue, or khaki-colored suits. You can also go with a nice blazer.
  • Dainty collared or non-collared blouse or polo shirt.
  • Knee-length business skirt
  • Slacks (three-quarters in length)
  • Casual dress (below the knee or at the knee length)
  • Heels (open or close toes, at least 2-4 inches)
  • Flats
  • Subtle jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, or bracelet

Shouldn’t Wear


1. Do not wear clothes that are disrespectful.

There are clothes such as KKK robes that are offensive to other people that you should strictly avoid wearing. Anti-America clothing is also not an option for you to wear on your recruitment day.

2. Do not wear graphic and/or offensive-designed attire.

Like any other interview, you must be conscious of what you wear. Be sensitive with what you wear; you might offend your recruiter.

If you don’t have a choice but to wear a shirt during your interview, ensure that your shirt’s design has little to no vulgar words.

3. Do not overdress or underdress.

Simplicity is the key. But not to the extent that you wear casual clothes!

Do not act like you are at home and wear leggings to an interview. Check what formal attire you have and innovate your fashion appropriately.

For male applicants, try to avoid wearing these:

  • Do not wear shorts or boxers
  • Tank tops
  • Ripped jeans
  • Flashy jewelry
  • Sandals

For female applicants, try to avoid wearing these:

  • Do not wear a sleeveless dress
  • Revealing clothes like tank tops, crop tops, strapless tops
  • Ripped jeans
  • Flashy jewelry
  • Short shorts, summer dress, or short skirts (above the knee)
  • Dramatic make-up
  • Flip-flops
  • Yoga pants

Things to Consider to Prepare Before the Meeting


1. Review your application and CV.

Read through what you wrote in your CV. You must at least be familiar with what you wrote in your application.

Once the recruiter asks you more about yourself, it will be easy for you to share your achievements and experiences.

2. Check your meeting time with your recruiter.

Be sure to commit to your meeting time once you schedule one. There are also walk-ins in other recruitment offices, but it is best to set a meeting ahead of time.

You can call their office in advance to confirm the date and time of the meeting. Come in advance to their office to avoid any delays

3. Make a checklist of what to bring.

Sort out everything that you need to bring. You must organize the things you need so that it will be easier for you to access them.

If you need to carry other files for your recruiter to review, you must safely store them in your bag or briefcase.

4. Try on your overall attire for the meeting.

Once you pick out the best attire, try it on and see yourself wearing it that day. Be sure to iron your clothes, shine your shoes, and make your look sleek.

Similar to other job interviews, you need to make an excellent first impression as a person who can perform the duties.

5. Create a list of questions for yourself and for the recruiter.

Prepare five to ten questions that your recruiter might ask you. At the same time, list down the things you want to ask your recruiter.

Practice what to say or not not say when meeting a recruiter.

For example, an Air Force recruiter is knowledgeable about the history and background of the Air Force. If you want to be recruited into the Air Force, you must also know more about it.

Recruitment officers will be impressed if you are knowledgeable about the branch of the military you wish to join.

So, in order to join the military branch of your interest, you must equip yourself with its background, admission standards, and other service requirements.



What to wear to MEPS appointments?

The general dress codes to wear when you proceed to MEPS marines, navy, air force, coast guard, and the army are:

  • Wear comfortable attire, and it must be neat and sharp-looking.
  • Do not wear attire with offensive words or graphics in it.
  • Bring your eyeglass case and your doctor’s eye prescription if you wear glasses.
  • Wear little to no jewelry as much as possible. You will still be asked to remove it during examinations at MEPS.


To end this article, you certainly got the idea of what to wear when meeting a military recruiter. Since you will be meeting for the first time, it is essential to dress appropriately and act professionally. You can wear many casual outfits; make sure you don’t wear offensive clothing.

It’s always best to have the qualifications required to get recruited into the military, no matter how simple you wear in your meeting.

Overall, your efforts will pay back, and you are one step closer to your dream military career!

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