What Does V/r Mean in Military Email? (Answered)

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what does vr mean in military email

Acronyms and shortened terms are frequently used in the military to shorten the length of messages and to convey a message quickly.

A typical example of such an acronym in military emails is “V/r.” If you need to learn what this means, you’re definitely not alone.

What does V/r mean in military email? V/r stands for “Very Respectfully” and is usually used to address a higher or similar rank in the military position.

Let’s explore the meaning of V/r in military email, its significance, and how to write V/r when sending a military email.

Meaning of V/r in Emails and Its Usage


V/r in military emails is used as an abbreviation for the words “Very respectfully.” It is a military email etiquette that is written at the end of an email.

It is used to address military people with a higher rank than the one sending the email. Somehow, it is used to show respect for someone in a position of power over you.

If you want to compare it to an ordinary citizen sending an email to someone, v/r meaning is similar to writing “Yours Truly.” It is not, however, used to address someone of lower rank.

To address them, you don’t include the letter “V.” It is understandable that the word “respectfully” or “/r” is all that is needed for an appropriate address to lower-rank military members.


Here are some examples of how to write V/r at the end of your email:

Dear Daniels,

Thank you for giving us the time to remind us about our project. I will schedule another team meeting some other time.



Dear Farris Maddison.

I still have pending tasks on my end. But I appreciate the help you did for the team.



Dear Carrie,

I have noticed your hard work for the past months. You are doing great, and I appreciate you always.


Jade Williams

Etiquette and Rules of V/r


The email signature, V/r, can be used in military emails with proper rules to follow.

If you are in the Army, take note of these rules:

  • The “V” should be capitalized, while the “r” should be in lowercase.
  • If you’re emailing someone at a lower military position than you, put “/r” at the end of your signature.
  • To write “V/r,” there should always be a forward slash in between v and r. Since you are shortening two words, it needs to be kept separate.

Try to avoid the following:

  • Don’t use it on business emails. Since it is not commonly used in an email, it might confuse the one you are sending to.

Common Alternatives to “V/r” in Military Emails


V/r can be a nice salutation that you can add at the end of your email. But there are other alternatives you can use for your email ending.

Here are some recognized alternatives that could be used in formal and military emails:

  • Yours sincerely
  • Yours truthfully
  • All the best
  • Kind regards
  • Best regards
  • Many thanks
  • Thank you for your time

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Mandatory to Use “V/r” in Military Emails?

No, it is not. The abbreviation “V/R” is not required in any official military communication. But you must be respectful and professional when writing your military emails.

Are There Any Other Acronyms Commonly Used in Military Email?

Yes, there are. A common acronym, BLUF or Bottom Line Up Front, is used to address a short and quick announcement in military emails.


Now you know “what does v/r mean in military email” and how to write it in an email.

Always know who you are sending your emails to, whether their ranks are higher or lower than you.

As one of the military email sign-off signatures, V/r is given a respectful way to address military superiors. When emailing a fellow military member using V/r, you show that you respect military etiquette.

Therefore, if you see a “V/R” in a military email, you’ll know that the acronym means a courteous and professional farewell.

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