What Are Tactical Boots? – A Definitive Guide

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what are tactical boots

Built to last and protect your feet, these all-purpose tactical boots are useful to serve people with their specific needs. With proper footwear, it is guaranteed that you will be safer in case of combat or emergency. There are different designs, features, and pricing in the market.

It depends on how you will use them, therefore you have to assess it before buying one. So, really… What are tactical boots? It is worn to protect your feet in tough situations and is comfortable to be used almost anywhere.

Keep in mind there are a lot of factors for you to find the right boot to fit. So, if you’re interested in learning more about these boots, keep reading!

What Are Tactical Boots?


Tactical boots, as the name implies, are footwear developed specifically for use in military and special forces missions, by security officials, and in outdoor activities.

Besides its tough features, it keeps the wearer comfortable. Different styles of tactical boots that improve performance without sacrificing functionality or weight are tailored to meet this consistency.

These boots are made to offer users protection and comfort during work and daily activities. Below are some of their typical features:

  • Protective design – These boots come with soles made to go through rough terrains without hurting our feet. Furthermore, it has ample ankle support for easy moving. Some designs also come with a steel toe for protection against falling objects.
  • Breathability – Indeed, people who spend an extended time in these tactical boots should be able to enjoy the ventilation of its materials, which have good airflow and absorb sweat well.
  • Slip-resistance – It’s important for tactical boots to grip well onto different surfaces, including icy, slippery, oily, and wet terrains. That’s why you can easily find combat boots non-slip designs in the market.
  • Robust uppers – Actually, the whole construction of heavy-duty combat boots should be rugged enough to handle different weather conditions.

And the uppers are often made of high-quality leather for stability and protection. They can shield against sharp edges and pointed objects.

  • Lightweight and quiet – People who wear tactical boots for duties can move quickly without giving away their position due to the quiet soles and lightweight design.

What Are Tactical Boots Used for?

Tactical boots can be used by different professionals, for men and even for women that require them to use extra protection on their feet everywhere they may go. Other professions that use tactical boots for work besides the military are security guards, movers, and truckers who fall within this category.

Moreover, you can wear these boots if you want to go on adventures with yourself or with your friends. If you visit a place during winter, you can use these tough boots for snow or also, for hiking.

You can take time to watch the movie “The Silent Army”, tactical boots are used as boots of the silent army. It is a great movie to watch and see tactical boots in action!

Whatever reason you want to use your boots, make sure that it is comfortable.

What Are Tactical Boots Made of?


As tough as they should look, tactical shoes are made of premium quality materials that are distinct from other shoes. It depends on which brands they are manufactured, to make a tactical boot requires these common materials:

  • For the upper part of the tactical boot:
  • Synthetic leather – This type of boot material is often lightweight, inexpensive, and quicker to break compared to leather boots. However, it also wears out faster than genuine leather boots.
  • Full-grain leather – This leather is exceptionally waterproof, and resistant to wear and tear. In contrast to synthetic leather, however, it takes longer to dry. While it is built to be sturdy, it lacks air circulation or breathability.
  • Split-grain leather – These boots are flexible and strong while allowing good airflow and ventilation. As opposed to other leather boots, this pair is much more affordable, although it sacrifices some reliability for these savings.
  • Nubuck leather – Also durable, this leather is smoother than full-grain leather and has that suede-like texture.
  • Rough laces – it is important that the boots’ laces are strong and rough. It ensures that it won’t be untangled easily, especially when the wearer is always on the move. Also, the length of the laces depends on the holes in the boots.
  • Midsole part of the boot:
  • EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) – this material provides excellent wearability and ease of use for the wearer. It also shields the wearer from the impacts of a fall and from water and sharp objects.
  • Polyurethane – this midsole material offers superior firmness and endurance to EVA. Although expensive, this material makes boots suitable for a wide variety of situations.
  • Outsoles:
  • Rubber soles – additional bottom protection and mobility are provided by the boots’ soles. Rubber outsoles, in general, offer superior grip on rough and steep terrain.

There are many ways you can use the boots, whether it is a hot sunny day or a heavy rainy day. Not that just that, breathable tactical boots are also on the market.


What makes a tactical boot “tactical”?

Tactical boots are called tactical simply because they are made to withstand harsh conditions, especially in the outdoors, in the military, or law enforcement services.

Regardless of the weather or the terrain you may face, it is essential that you have robust, weatherproof and non slip tactical boots. For that reason, tactical boots are essentially “tactical” because they are ready for anything.

Combat boots and tactical boots: what’s the difference?

Tactical boots are lightweight and flexible footwear, while combat boots are more heavy-duty, tough, large, and durable.

Most soldiers have used combat boots on the battlefield. Modern combat boots or military boots have a combination of both tactical and old combat boots designs.

It is used in combat and different military training because combat boots have better grip and ankle stability and are more suitable to use in different terrains.

Both of these pairs of boots look similar yet are clearly distinguishable from one another due to their design.

Can you run in tactical boots?

Since tactical boots are light and flexible, you can run with them. To be safe in short-distance running with your shoes, make sure you find non slip tactical boot.

However, if you wear tactical boots for the reason you want to be physically fit and use them for running every day, you need to reconsider. You might as well buy sports shoes or running shoes.

Tactical boots vs hiking boots: how are they different from each other?

The difference between tactical vs hiking boots are each of their unique features and uses.

  • Tactical boots are made of robust materials that can withstand bad weather, temperatures, and different environments. Tactical boots are usually used for people that go to places that have the worst conditions. Though it is tough-looking boots, it is lightweight and breathable.
  • On the other hand, hiking boots are made of nylon-suede, synthetic leather, and other materials. It is ideal to use in summer and winter hiking. Most hiking boots are thicker and have more cushion than tactical boots.

It is much heavier to use, but it still gives protection to hikers in different weather.


Now you know, what are tactical boots and their uses. Since there are other different boots, such as hiking and combat boots, you have to decide which features appeal to you and how they will benefit you. Note that your shoes would be comfortable and keep your feet dry.

From the lightest to the heaviest boots on the market, find what fits you perfectly. When choosing the proper tactical boots, have a checklist of the things mentioned above on what makes a good tactical boot!

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