How to Wear an Army Beret Correctly? – 7 Steps to Do

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how to wear an army beret

Beret is soft, with no visor round cap. It is usually made up of wool and cotton, and has a close-fitting headband. While some people use it for fashion, beret plays a significant part in every armed forces’ uniform and identity.

Berets come in different colors. The US military, for example, has black, maroon, and tan while the red beret US army, the black, blue, gray, pewter gray, and maroon are for the air force.

Regardless of the color, berets should be worn properly as it symbolizes the armed forces’ pride and commitment towards their duty. Thus, it is important to learn how to wear an army beret.

Step-by-Step to Wear an Army Beret


Step 1. Ensure the beret’s headband is straight

A beret is considered the armed forces’ official headdress. Part of the army beret standards is making sure that the beret’s band is positioned correctly.

To wear a beret male, place it on your head, making sure the front is facing forward. It should be positioned one inch above your eyebrow. Use one hand to hold the beret in place and the other to straighten its headband.

The headband, or what some call “sweatbands,” refers to the leather attached to the wool.

Step 2. Check the army beret insignia placement


Army beret insignia or much known as badge, is the embroidered design of the beret flashes. This signifies the unique mission of armed forces.

Abide in the army beret regulations, and secure the badge’s position. See to it that the beret’s badge aligns with the center of your left eye.

The Beret flash is the embroidered cloth, forming a shield-like shape attached to the stiffener.

Step 3. Bring the excess material to the right


The proper wear of an army beret also includes how neat it would look. Move the excess material to the right side whilst making sure that your right ear won’t be covered.

To check if you are doing this step right, search for the endpoint of the fabric. It should be on top of your ear– not lower than the middle of the ear. This would also ensure that the beret would stay in place.

Step 4. Hide the leather band


When you wear a military beret, you are displaying a piece of military culture. This is why it is important to have your beret well-polished while it fits comfortably on your head.

To achieve a clean and pleasant look while wearing your beret, tie the leather band into a knot once the proper size is obtained. If there are excess materials, remove them using a pair of scissors. Tuck the knot into the edge binding at the back of your beret.

Step 5. Examine your beret with a mirror


When you wear an army cadet baret, take a look at yourself using a mirror that will show off your whole head. Check everything, including the smallest details.

Remember to straighten the headband of your beret– one inch above your eyebrow. Also, have the beret’s badge aligned with your left eye while draping the excess fabric to the right side. Make sure as well not to let the right ear be covered.

In addition to that, don’t forget to inspect the back portion of your beret. Just as with the front, ensure that the band at your back is completely straight and no wool threads hanging. Tuck it in without making a visible bump.

Step 6. Shape a beret US army with water if necessary


If you need to shape your beret for a more comfortable fit, all you need to do is prepare two bowls containing warm and cold water. Make sure only to put warm water and not hot or boiling water– it would affect the wool.

Soak the wool first in warm water without wetting the leather band, then transfer it to the cold one. Wring it to remove excess water.

Once it’s soft enough to shape, put the beret on. Carefully shape it and make certain to follow the army beret’s protocol.

Step 7. Style long hair

Keep your appearance neat by tucking or styling your long hair inside your beret. Any loose hair should be tied to meet the beret’s standards.

  • Pin your bangs inside the beret.
  • Decorative pins and ties are strictly prohibited. Know the color of your hair, the hair accessories’ color must be close to your hair color.
  • Ponytails are not allowed. Instead, tie your hair into a clean bun.
  • Buns should be smaller than your head and the thickness should be less than 3.5 inches.
  • If you’re into dreadlocks, the lock should be ⅛ inch or less and have it into a bun.
  • Your hair shouldn’t also touch the collar of your uniform.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the army beret meaning?

An army beret is a headgear worn by the armed forces as part of their uniforms. This denotes that they are part of a specific troop with special missions.

Do you wear your army beret indoors?

Remove your army beret indoors to show respect. You should take off your headgear– unless you’re under arms– when going to places like court, churches or attending receptions.

Under arms means a military personnel is wearing uniform and armed for his duties.

Do you wet your beret before shaving?

It is better and easier to do the job if the beret is wet. Shaving the headwear gives a more pleasant appearance as it removes all the fuzzes that’s in it.

When can you wear the maroon beret?

Maroon berets are the official headwear of US army airborne. The airborne forces chose to wear maroon berets for distinction.


Berets are officially part of the armed forces’ uniform. As a military personnel, you are representing the country.

You surely wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your fellow countrymen by wearing the beret in the wrong way. With this, it is important to know the basic steps on how to wear an army beret.

You might find it difficult at first. But after learning the right way and doing it several times, you’ll eventually find yourself doing it with no sweat.

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