How to Wear a Military Jacket? – 5 Ways to Style It

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how to wear a military jacket

How do you style a military jacket? What pieces compliment military jackets? Are non-military people allowed to wear one in public? Is there a right and wrong way on how to wear a military jacket?

It is perfectly okay to wear this type of jacket publicly, even if you’re not part of the military. Women can wear military jackets with leggings, jeans, shorts, a skirt, and even under a dress.

Men can pull off wearing military jackets with cargo pants, distressed jeans, shorts, all-black trousers, and even camouflage pants if they want to showcase military fashion from head to toe.

5 Ways to Wear a Military Jacket (Women’s Fashion Guide)

You can make the casual military jacket look girly, sporty, functional, and even formal. It all boils down to what clothes and accessories you decide to pair the jacket with.

Here are five fun ways to wear girl military jackets:

1. Military jackets with leggings or skinny jeans


Afraid your oversized military jacket would make you look frumpy? You can easily pair this jacket with skinny jeans or leggings to accentuate your hips, make your legs look longer, and even make you look taller.

Keep it simple, wear any solid-colored shirt, or flex your abs with a cropped top.

Boots work best with leggings and skinny jeans, so take out your trusty boots when rocking this outfit.

2. Skirt and military jacket


Choosing a skirt of your own style is also among the amazing military jacket outfit ideas, the perfect day-to-night outfit. Tie it around your waist if you’re not cold, but once the sun sets and you’re off to a party, you can easily switch and wear it on top of your blouse.

Some past trends pairing military-style jackets with skirts include see-through tulle skirts, leather skirts, and camo skirts. You can go from mini-skirts to floor-length bohemian skirts.

You can end the look with your go-to black sneakers or amp up the drama with thigh-high boots.

3. Military jackets and shorts


If you have a cropped or snug military jacket, pair it with shorts or fitted shorts. If you’re wearing a loose-fitting jacket, style it with knee-length shorts instead.

The preppy shorts with a military jacket outfit is ideal for a day out. It’s too casual for the club or the office.

4. Jeans with military jackets


The most laidback pairing of all – any of your favorite jeans (distressed or not) with a military-style jacket can match any personal style.

Here are just a few variations you can play with:

  • Wide-legged jeans with a fitted, buttoned-up jacket
  • Hi-rise jeans with a cropped military jacket
  • Distressed jeans with a loose-fitting green military jacket
  • Straight-cut jeans, a military jacket in your size, and heels
  • Capri jeans, a loose shirt, and a jacket with folded sleeves

Pair with sandals, running shoes, boots, and even flip-flops based on the cut of jeans you decide to wear.

5. Military jacket with dress


Who would have thought that dresses would compliment the ruggedness of a military-style jacket? The military jacket and dress combo have been playing around in runway shows. This trend pops up and fades out every other year or so.

The best thing about this look is that you can wear a short or long dress and still make the army jacket style work.

The key here is to find a military jacket in your size. Men’s jackets and oversized jackets won’t have the same stylish effect.

4 Stylish Ways to Rock a Military Jacket for Men

Women aren’t the only ones who could have fun with military wear.

If you’re a man, military jacket styling is more functional than fashionable. Here are 4 ways you can dress up your military-style jacket:

1. Military jackets with jeans


If you like the no-effort look, wear your go-to pair of jeans with a shirt underneath your army jacket.

Just be careful with prints – wear a solid-colored shirt with your jeans if your jacket has a camo print. If you’re wearing a printed shirt, go with the plain olive green military-style jacket instead.

But if your goal is to camouflage, then by all means, wear a camo-printed shirt with a camo jacket and disregard this fashion tip completely.

2. Shorts with army-style jackets


The easiest way to wear military jacket mens’ style is with shorts. It’s a perfect summer-day outfit and pairs well with any shirt. If you want to look more smart-casual, pick fitted shorts, skip rubber shoes and go with loafers or boots instead.

3. Military jackets and cargo pants


Stay true to the military fashion and commit to tactical gear as well. With a pair of utility-style cargo pants styled with any plain shirt and a military jacket, you’re all set for a rugged day outdoors.

This look is perfect for anyone who loves functional clothes – pockets for the win!

4. Chinos with military-style jackets

You don’t need to look rugged to appreciate the vintage military jacket mens wear in combat.

Chinos are cotton twill trousers designed for both formal and smart-casual looks. And these trousers look super-fancy with army jackets.

Accessorize with a scarf for a polished vibe. Casual days call for sneakers, while leather shoes go well with light-colored chinos and your military jacket.

Benefits of a Military Jacket

Here are 3 reasons why everyone should welcome army jacket fashion into their wardrobes:

1. Numerous types of military jackets exist.

With wide varieties to choose from, it’s easier to incorporate these jackets into your outfit and match them with your preferred outfits.

2. Applicable as fashion wear or protective wear.

Military jackets have been around for decades. They’re now available both as fashion wear (ideal for layering day-to-day outfits) and protective wear (designed to keep you warm and snug during colder months).

3. Compliments most body types.

Most fashionable army jackets are not designed as unisex. But if you love the boyfriend shirt trend, you can totally use any men’s military jacket as outerwear. There are also crop-top hanging jackets and curved jackets to accentuate a woman’s body.

Are Military Jackets Still in Style?


Ask anybody about military jackets and the style that pops into their mind is the green military-style jacket we’ve seen in movies and music videos depicting many veterans and soldiers in pop culture.

This olive green military blazer is officially called the m65 field jacket. It was originally commissioned by the US Department of Defense in 1959 as an official World War II camouflage combat uniform.

Ironically, anti-war activists began wearing this jacket at political events in the 60s. Even The Beatles’ John Lennon wore a soldier’s jacket while playing in Liverpool.

Since then, this jacket has become a favorite civilian garb and a streetwear piece that never runs out of style.


Like anything in fashion, you shouldn’t be bound by rules when figuring out how to wear a military jacket and incorporate it into your wardrobe. But if you’re just looking for inspiration, these military jacket outfit ideas could help you pick and choose the best ones that suit your personal style.

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