How to Tuck Pants Into Boots Military Style? – 3 Easy Ways

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how to tuck pants into boots military

Have you encountered insect bites or cold feet when hiking, training, or military duties? It may be due to keeping your pants over boots all this time.

If you’re contemplating whether you should tuck pants into boots or not, this is the sign to start doing it.

In this guide, you will learn various methods on how to tuck pants into boots military style to keep your entire feet protected while still looking professional.

Ways to Tuck Pants Into Boots Military Style


What to prepare:

  • Pants – jeans, trousers, tactical pants, or cargo pants
  • Military boots
  • Socks – preferably breathable, moisture-controlling, and anti-odor. For the second method, you’ll need tight socks.
  • Elastic blouse bands or blousing straps (for third method only)

#1: Tuck Your Pants In Method


If you are looking for the simplest way for tucking pants into boots militar style, this is it.

Step 1: Put It All On

Wear your pants and socks as usual and align the part around the ankle.

To avoid your pants from moving into tight folds when standing up, fold it in behind if its length goes over your ankle. Then, put on your boots.

Step 2: Adjust Your Boots

Make enough room to insert the bottom edge of your pants by loosening your boots.

Step 3: Tuck It In

Carefully insert the edge of your pants into your boots and make sure they do not get bunched up.

Step 4: Secure Your Boots

To keep pants tucked into boots, pull the tongue of your boots and tie your laces firmly, completing it with a neat bow.

Then, to keep it clean and avoid the dangling part of the laces from tangling up, tuck them into the collar of your boots.

#2: Sock It In Method

In this method, long socks are used to secure your pants’ ends and it is most useful for loose-ended pants.

Step 1: Roll Your Pants

For pants that go beyond your ankle, it is advised to roll them so they don’t get bunched up when you’re moving.

After that, carefully fold the excess fabric so that it tightens until it reaches ankle length.

Step 2: Put On Your Socks

Wear your socks by using one hand to keep the cuffed pants in place and the other to pull the sock over it. Make sure they are tight enough to secure them.

Step 3: Wear Your Boots

Put on your boots as usual, fasten them over your socks, and tighten them depending on your preference into ankle boots.

#3: Blousing Method


This method of keeping military pants tucked into boots is ideal for protecting your feet from the cold weather. You only need several pieces of stretchy bands for tucking your pants.

Step 1: Put It All On

First thing to do is wear your pants comfortably. For more protection, pull your socks way above where your blouse boots would be. Then, put on your boots and fasten them tightly.

To avoid the laces from being snagged and be able to easily adjust the sides, keep the crosses on the inside part of your boots.

Step 2: Insert the Straps

For each leg, raise your pants up to knee-length to expose the entire leg and boot. Then, wrap the strap or elastic blousing strap around the exposed area between your calf and boot entrance.

After that, fasten the hook and loop closure or velcro to secure the blousing straps.

Step 3: Fold The Hems Of Your Pants

In order to fix the cloth between the strap and your skin, take your pant leg’s hem and fold it upward and inward so that it is tucked under the strap.

Using your fingers, even out the fabric underneath. Adjust it to keep the tuck neat so long as you are comfortable with the fit.

Why Don’t Soldiers Fall Out When Wearing Military Boots and Pants?


The main reason is that in their uniform pants in the military, there is an elastic cord within the hem, which is hidden under their feet when worn so as not to be pulled out.

Choose the Right Boots to Tuck Pants Into Military Boots


There are various types of boots available and you can select one according to style, function, convenience, or your preference.

Choosing the right one ensures better efficiency for your work and more integration to your uniform.

  • Combat boots

This type is commonly used by soldiers when they undergo basic training. Throughout their service in the military, they also wear common boots.

These are also ideal if you prefer the military style when doing outdoor activities.

  • Mid-top or high-top boots

This type is longer than combat boots, which makes tucking your pants’ hem swiftly and secures your pants inside boots when laced tightly.

Blousing Boots vs Tucking


Out of the methods mentioned above, they can be categorized into two: blousing and tucking. We will now consider the benefits and drawbacks of each of these techniques.

1. Setting

The practicality of your choice also depends on the situation. It is more ideal to have your cargo pants tucked into boots when:

  • Outdoor activities such as hiking and hunting
  • Other extreme sports like horseback riding

The most suitable time to blouse military pants is when you are:

  • Military missions
  • Sailing
  • Cleaning Households or Public Area

2. Protection

These two main techniques both serve their purpose which is protecting your feet from mud, insects and other foreign objects.

On the other hand, when you blouse OCP pants, it prevents the wind from penetrating under the hem, protecting your feet from the cold.

3. Style

If you want a sleek look, go for the straight tuck. Alternately, if you prefer your pants bloused over high-laced boots, go for the blousing method.

4. Technique

For blousing and tucking techniques, you will have to try each one to find which suits you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with them! You will learn the more uncomplicated technique if you give it a try.

Bloused trousers are more specifically used by military personnel, meaning, blousing your military pants and boots when hiking with friends is not practical.

When off-duty, it is more suitable to have your jeans tucked into boots.

There are also threads in reddit under the r/Military subreddit which discuss other people’s style preferences and which techniques work best for them and how to do them.


In the end, it is up to you whether to keep your pants inside or outside boots. There are numerous methods, depending on the style, purpose, practicality, and ultimately, your preference.

Now that you know how to tuck pants into boots military style, you can venture out without worrying about bug bites or getting cold feet while still looking dapper.

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