What is a Tactical Knife And Its Uses?

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what is a tactical knife

Centuries ago, earlier knives were made with sharpened ivory and rocks. Indeed, knives are used for fighting and hunting throughout our history. So, what is a tactical knife? Modern knives, such as tactical knives, have steel blades and more functionalities than older knives.

Its users do not limit to just hunters but also special forces, such as military and police personnel. However, private individuals can also acquire these knives to defend themselves from potential dangers.

If you are one of those who own a tactical knife and are curious to understand more about it, keep on reading.

Things to Know About Tactical Knife


In general, a tactical knife definition is a special kind of knife with unique and versatile features for intensive action or in combat and emergency use. There are different types of tactical knife designs and sizes tailored for specific purposes.

One of the most popular types of tactical knife designs is a tactical folding knife. It is the most widely used type of tactical knife out there.

There are folding knife designs such as switchblades. You can use it with just one button to press, and then it will automatically deploy the blade. It is very convenient to carry with you every day.

1. Tactical knife Purposes

  • Self-defense

The tactical knife is beneficial for self-defense when you use it as a combat utility knife during a fight and a tool you can use during outdoor campings and adventures.

  • Military

It is also used by the military, police, or other special forces in defense and attack situations in their workplace. Oftentimes, tactical knives are also called military knife because they are built as tough as a military.

  • Utility and safety tool

Moreover, you have to determine your needs before getting a tactical knife. Ideally, you should get a tactical knife if you use it as a utility and safety tool.

Since the tactical knife is well-made and solid, you can use it without worrying about breaking it. In emergencies, automatic knives are usually used because of how fast they draw their blades.

It could save your life if you know how to use it properly. Try to read a tactical knife magazine to see brands of tactical brands in the market.

2. Essential elements of a good tactical knife

What makes a good tactical knife must possess is high-quality materials that can handle tough action-related activities.

Indeed, crafting a tactical knife takes a lot of processing. From materials being curated to heating the metals, through finishing and coating. Therefore, the defensive knife must have quality construction.

One of the tactical knives’ noticeable features is their blade. There are different blades out there, and you can choose based on how you will use your knife.

Here are other design elements that you should also consider to get the best types of tactical knives:

  • An ergonomic grip – the knife must fit perfectly in your hand so you can control it easily, whether you are cutting materials or an attack.
  • A pointed pommel – a pommel is the other end of the knife that you can use besides the blade. A pointed pommel or knife butt can be used to hammer onto something or someone with force.
  • Centered weight balance – it is important that you feel comfortable when using your knife, not too heavy or too light in weight.
  • Coated blade – there are different kinds and types of coated blades. The most common blade coat is black, which is better for camouflaging the knife and has less drag force.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are tactical knives good for?

Tactical knives are good for self-defense, emergency use, and outdoor activities. Since tactical knives are pocket-sized, you can take them anywhere and use them immediately when needed.

What are tactical knives made of?

Tactical knives are made of tough materials such as titanium and coated with PVD coating. Your tactical knives need to last a long time.

Titanium knives are far stronger than steel, lightweight, and less corrosion-resistant than steel. For this reason, your knife will not easily break.

Other blade material options, such as carbon and stainless steel, are cheaper and perform at a minimum than titanium.

Besides having the best blade for your knife, coatings such as PVD, or physical vapor deposition, strengthen the knives even more. It is a thin filter that protects your knife blade from oxidation and long-term wear.

How to use it?

Just like a normal knife, you can use it to attack someone or something by using force or motion of your hand and arm. Some knives can easily be opened with one click and are compact knives.

If you have tried playing online action games, you must be familiar with COD. Tactical knives are used as weapons to have some enemies to kill in COD WW2 game.

What is the difference between a tactical knife vs combat knife?

One of the most noticeable differences between tactical knives and combat knives is their intended use. While tactical knives can be used for self-defense or combat, combat folding knives are specifically made for military personnel.

In fact, there is a standard combat knife issue for the United States military and Navy SEALs. While tactical knives can be used in a lot of scenarios, combat knives can do it, too but the parts of a combat knife have more specifications.

Additionally, combat knives are more like fighting knives. There are several fighting knife types, such as the Bowie Knife and the Push Dagger Knife.

Though fighting does not always mean surviving, tactical knives are a great tool for survival in the wilderness. You can find a tactical hunting knife that is suited for emergency uses while you are outdoors.


Whether you want a military combat knife or a simple tactical knife for everyday use, you need the proper training to keep yourself safe.

Since there are different types of tactical knives for different uses, you have to make sure you are using the right one. Important to note the materials of your knife because it determines how long it will last for you.

Overall, since you have learned what is a tactical knife and its uses – you are ready to use your knife or buy one to start your training and protect yourself from danger.

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