Top 7 Reasons Not to Join the Military in 2023

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reasons not to join the military

Maybe don’t enlist! Are you listening wrong? No, it’s serious. Do not join the military if you are prioritizing your own interests. Indeed, not everyone is a good fit for the military. Plus, it must never be a hasty choice.

Don’t let the immediate benefits lead you to think it’s a suitable choice without thorough research. Keep in mind that there will always be downsides to joining the military that you won’t be able to adapt and accept.

Read the following list of 7 reasons not to join the military, and you’ll soon understand.

List of Reasons

Why you shouldn’t join the military? There are literally hundreds of reasons out there, but these are the most key signs the military is not for you.

1. Unable to stand harsh military rules and training


Once joining the military, you will be mentally and emotionally exhausted at times because of the long days of arduous and intense training.

For instance, one of the common reasons not to join the Navy is due to its requirement to spend days without sleep in the cold and wet while training for survival.

In the US Army, soldiers must undertake combat diving, one of the most physical and mental-demanding training.

Intense training and strict rules in the military can affect a soldier’s psyche over time. The difficult training can result in stress, insomnia, and other mental health issues. This can lead to distorted thoughts and even psychological obsessions later on.

2. Always concerned/worried about danger or risk


When it comes to the military, it refers to the pioneers who are willing to face danger.

You may know about explosive ordnance disposal in the military. In this position, you can be injured or even killed because of a small mistake or improvised explosive.

Some other dangerous jobs in the military that you can take on are pararescue, special operations, infantry, etc.

Military life is inextricably bound to the enduring effects of weapons and violence. This is truly the case in times of war, troop deployments, conflicts, terrorism, and other serious dangers. Think about the lives of the wounded soldiers.

3. You and your family don’t want to relocate frequently


This is one of the most noticeable disadvantages of joining the military.

The military has many bases; you may have to relocate for several months in remote border areas, even to a foreign country base.

In some emergencies, you may need to travel nonstop for several days. This will drain your morale along the way. Well, it’s best not to join the Marines if your health can’t stand long days at sea.

Besides, think of your family too! Your family will be under a lot of pressure due to constant relocation. Your child has to adjust to the new school environment. Your spouse has to give up their job and may be unable to advance in their profession.

4. Dislike to follow orders/get agitated easily when being controlled


Everyone is aware that the military is organized according to strict rankings. Military members receive special training to always follow their superiors’ commands.

There could be times when you disagree with rules and find some of them very absurd. Even so, remember that a soldier should take orders without asking why.

What would happen if the soldiers didn’t follow orders? You may face punishments such as reprehensible discharge, confiscation of all income and allowances, and even two years in jail.

Therefore, if you find it upsetting to think that you won’t voice your views, don’t join the military.

5. Don’t want to stay far from your family and hometown


Your time in the military can be long enough to negatively affect your relationships with your spouse, children, and friendships, especially if you have little kids.

After a long military duty, nurturing a father-son bond can be difficult if your kids haven’t seen their dad for a long time.

Furthermore, suppose you leave your family behind to join the army. In that case, your spouse must shoulder all your responsibilities alone.

As a result, joining the military was a mistake if you always regret leaving your family behind.

6. Substance abuse on any level


If you’re not willing to give up taking a particular drug. Drugs are taboo in the life of the military. Suppose you are addicted to heavy drugs like heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, and its derivatives. In that case, you will be expelled from the army.

If you are caught sneaking in drugs while serving in the military, it won’t be as simple as getting deported! You will be likely to be involved in a court-martial and criminal charges.

Don’t forget that the military will never be lenient!

7. You want to get rich


It should come as no surprise that military pay is not as attractive as it is in private industry. Soldiers’ pay depends highly on rankings. Although you will get benefits that replace money, they do not guarantee a higher quality of life.

Instead of spending your youth serving in the military, you can ultimately use this time to cultivate knowledge and earn money in other industries. You may become a boss in a short time instead of a soldier for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is joining the military dangerous?

Yes, absolutely.

It’s dangerous to serve in the military. Even though it’s peacetime, wars might break out at any time that you can’t predict accurately. Additionally, there are still a lot of conflicts and terrorism out there, and the military is required to be present.

Is it OK not to join the military?

Yes. The forced enlistment of people in the armed services is mentioned in the draft. Since 1973, every member of the US military has been a volunteer. However, in the event of a national emergency, an act of Congress may still bring back that draft.

Can I leave the military early?

Yes. Although you cannot leave the military once you are in active service, you are still permitted to be discharged within a year before the conclusion of your enlistment.

Why is the military bad?

It depends on the circumstances and thoughts of each person. Even while the military has benefits, the disadvantages will outweigh them over time. They do not receive generous pay, limited freedom, rigorous training, being away from family, etc.


The above list of 7 reasons not to join the military is important information to consider your enlistment.

Fret not if you find that you’re not fit for the military. You can absolutely choose not to join the army. You can still contribute to your country in many different ways.

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