What Percentage of the Military Sees Combat?

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what percentage of the military sees combat

When people talk about the military, you’ll usually think about missions where you defend the country and battle terrorists. It is not always the case.

What percentage of the military sees combat? A rough estimate would be only 10% of the U.S. Military does engage in combat. Most of the military members are deployed in different sectors of the military, not just on the battlefield.

It means that it’s not highly likely for army infantry to see combat. Let’s talk about the number of military men and women in combat.

What Percentage of the Military Sees Combat?


The number

It is a common misconception that all military personnel are trained and deployed to different places worldwide to combat.

Nonetheless, there are numbers that reveal the reality:

  • 40% of military personnel always remain in the United States and are therefore never deployed abroad.
  • Approximately 60 percent of military personnel in combat, such as the army or marines are deployed globally but not to battle.
  • Only about 10 to 20% of soldiers actually see combat. Also, there is only an official 15 percent of infantry soldiers.
  • The majority of the military personnel function as supporting active duty units for those on the battlefield.

Military branches

Military branches such as the Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force Security Forces, Army, Coast Guard, and other special forces, don’t recruit just people to do combat. Some organizations operate on land, water, and air.

Each of the military members is essential and, thus, carries a critical role in the success of their missions. Special units like Navy SEALS, Air Force, Naval Ships, F-22 Fighter Wings, and Army Rangers have high chances of seeing combat.

The Marines is a military branch that sees the most combat. In truth, 25% percent of marines see combat. Furthermore, there are also high chances of seeing combat in the Army.

Factors Affect to These Percentages


If you belong to a branch of the military, you are expected to serve the country in varied ways. Different branches specialize in one area, and chances of getting deployed in the Army might be slim for some.

Factors that affect being deployed in war are:

  • When the war happens
  • Depending on the military branch the personnel are assigned in
  • Personnel assigned as a supporting unit or behind the scenes during the war
  • Based on personnel rankings and/or capabilities



What branch of the military sees the least combat?

There are sectors in the Army that don’t see combat at all. There are Army jobs such as engineering, construction, instructors, media, medical, human resource, finance, and many more jobs that cannot be deployed on the battlefield. However, they act as a support for those who are in battle.

What percentage of veterans in WW2 see combat?

According to a survey, 29 percent of all combat veterans had experienced defending the country in World War II.

How many percent of soldiers died in combat in WW2?

Approximately 55 percent of soldiers and other supporting units were killed in action during World War II.


Now that your question, “what percentage of the military sees combat” is already answered. You might think twice when seeing an action film about military combat.

It does not mean you are in the military and have to fight. Many military branches and units deal with different kinds of conflicts inside and outside the battlefield.

So, explore your options with available positions from the different military branches.

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