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*Consultation on designing and implementing an employee peer support and mentoring program for your agency is available.

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."
--Winston Churchill

The Bulletproof Employee:

part III of the 2016 bulletproof training series

Peer support and mentoring programs are usually found in the most effective and Innovative organizations. Employee peer support and mentoring promotes a smoother transition for new hires and results in long-term individual and career growth and crisis avoidance. However, fewer than 1% of public agencies have formal peer support and mentoring programs and most provide  little or no training or referral resources.

Peer support is an integral part of early crisis intervention and involves trained peers responding quickly and effectively to peer distress. Mentoring enhances peer support programs in that it is developmental based and long term. This 2-day Bulletproof Series instructional course provides Peers and Mentors with a proven methodology of successful crisis identification, peer interaction and internal and external resource utilization to promote the healthy development of employees at work and at home. This training is a natural complement to CISM and other peer support training programs.