How to Mount Military Medals in a Shadow Box? – 7 Steps

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how to mount military medals in a shadow box

Military medals can be a beautiful addition to any space. Especially to those loved ones that have someone that served the country. The best way to display military medals is by putting them in a military shadow box to secure them.

There are different designs for your personalized shadow box. If you want to do it yourself and learn how to mount military medals in a shadow box, this article is perfect for you.

What to Prepare


To get started with mounting your military medals, prepare the following items:

  • Shadow box or a frame
  • Medals
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Glue gun (optional)
  • Hooks, pins or loop fasteners (optional)

Step-by-Step to Mount Military Medals in a Shadow Box


For your military medals, you can use mounting techniques such as the shadow box EZ mount system. You can simply follow their instructions, add the medals using velcro adhesives, and put the pin into the board for decoration.

If you tried to mount jewelry in a shadow box, then mounting medals can be an easy task for you. Refer to this video for a closer look: Shadow box E-Z Mount System

Or, if you prefer to mount military medals yourself, it’s important to choose the right display frame. Read the steps below for your DIY task:

Step 1. Pick a durable and elegant frame.

The frame should keep the medals while giving your medal collection a perfect design. The size of the box frame should correspond to the size of the medals it will hold.

  • FIY, the ideal dimensions of display cases for military medals is 5 x 7 inches for one piece.
  • If you have a wide collection, refer to the medal size to choose your ideal one. A military medal is approximately 3 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 1.25 inches in diameter.

In every frame, there are hooks and mounting clips at the back of it. First, open up each hook so that you can remove the backboard or dust cover.

Step 2. Measure the frame size

Once you open up your frame, you will find the excess cardboard-like paper. This comes after you removed the backboard of the frame.

Get the medal of your choice and start measuring its size using your pencil and ruler.

Step 3: Place the medal on the paper and mark the slot

Mark both ends of your medal to make a slot for your medal. These markings like the picture above will be the basis on where you will cut to mount your medal.

Draw a line to help you cut a flap through the cardboard paper. This will help to hang medals in a shadow box securely.

Step 4: Cut the cardboard

Use a cutter or scissors to cut through the cardboard carefully. Follow the lines that you have lined and cut them.

You can use shadow box mounting pins to hold your medals in place.

Step 5: Insert a thin piece

After you cut through the cardboard, remove any excess pencil markings. Slowly open up the cut-out and insert a thin sheet beneath it.

Step 6: Put the medal on

As you lift the cut-out, you will insert a short length from the medal. Secure it with tape, a glue gun, or any adhesive you like.

The ends of the medal must be flat and placed before securing it with an adhesive.

Step 7: Put the backboard back

Once you secure the placement of your medal, you can now put the backboard of the frame. Inspect how you mount your medal if it is to your liking.

If you still have a few medals that you want to display, you can get another box frame. Another option you can try is to make a customized shadow box for military medals.


Where should you display military medals in a shadow box?

Try placing them above the shelves in your room or against a wall in your living room. You put your medals on display where they will stand out, so pick a position that is easy to see.

What is the best way to display war medals in a frame?

Your military medals should be placed in a military box frame with decorations. These decorations can be ribbons, pins, or even military flags for the best way to showcase them.

You can also attach items in a shadow box using hooks to secure your medal collection.

What should be placed in a military shadow box?

You should place your military uniform in shadow box, as well as medals, stripes, and training certificates. Another thing you can try is to attach pins in a shadow box to make your shadow box stand out.


Finally, you learned how to mount military medals in a shadow box. It might be quite challenging to mount your military medals, but it is worth it.

It’s vital that you choose the suitable display design, location, and frame for your military medals. You also mount medals in a shadow box using the proper installation instructions and mounting hardware.

Following this article’s guidelines, you can expect your military medals to be showcased beautifully anywhere.

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