Military Shadow Box Ideas & Plans to Store Your Achievements

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military shadow box ideas & plans

There are ways you can store them, and you can even display them in your living room. A military shadow box is a proper storage for all your important military awards.

You can give this to any military member that has served the country. Also, it will be a fashionable way to preserve medals, uniforms, flags, pins, and others.

This article will help you pick the military shadow box ideas & plans you want to do. Then, you can start by gathering the contents you want to put in the box.

To make your shadow box beautiful with pride, continue reading below!

What Should Be in a Military Shadow Box?


A shadow box is like a normal picture but with added depth to it, where you can store things rather than pictures. Somehow you can compare it to a glass case in museums, but with a lot smaller frame sizes.

There are different heights, widths, and depths to military shadow box designs. You can choose custom shadow box ideas from local crafters in your area.

Here are the preparations for you to get started with your military shadow box plans:

  • Military uniforms (official, training, etc.)
  • Medals
  • Flags
  • Ribbons
  • Military stripes
  • Ceremonial pins
  • Photographs
  • Badges
  • Gun bullets
  • Dog tags
  • Graduation memorabilia
  • Certificates and Awards
  • Other memorable items collected in your military years

Military Shadow Box Design Ideas & Plans


1. Military Flag Designs

This shadow box ideas military is one of the best ideas to commemorate military men and women. Military flags are more than just a thing for the military and citizens of a country. It is a symbol and identity of a country.

These flags are also in all military branch headquarters, battlefields, stations, etc. With that, it makes more value to every military personnel that they need to keep.


  • If you have a memorable flag in your possession, you can put it in your shadow box.
  • Also, if you have loved ones who lost in battle and you have been given a burial flag, you can most certainly put it in your military shadow box.
  • There are military display case ideas that showcase the flag very well. Shadow boxes with multiple layers can be a nice choice to emphasize military flags.


  • Flags are often lengthy. You will have to either buy or customize a large military shadow box frame for your shadow box, but it will be much more pricey.

2. Military Memorabilia Designs

This shadow box design is a top choice for army shadow box ideas because you can put everything that you feel is important in your military life.

You can include your military uniform in small items such as dog tags and military pins. You may add personal items to express sentiment.

This type of shadow box design can also be appropriate to display stripes, medals, and other awards that you received in your years of service. If you are looking for veterans shadow box ideas, this is a great design to consider.


  • You can use different sizes from large to small shadow boxes that will fit all your items.
  • It can contain much sentiment due to the freedom to add personal belongings.


  • Since you have a lot of shapes and sizes of memorabilia, it will be difficult to find the right frame size for your boxes.

How Many Layers Should a Military Shadow Box Have?

It depends on what designs and layouts you want for your shadow box. For example, you wanted a flag in your shadow box. Then, you have to add another layer to your box.

It will give a distinct look to your box, and it serves as a highlight to one of your most special belongings.

How Do You Organize a Military Shadow Box?

After knowing what you want to put in your shadow box, it is time to organize them.

  • Arrange it by increasing rank. You can do this type of organization especially if you serve the military with different ranks.
  • Place each stripes, patches, or name tag in a manner where the rank increases up until you reach the rank where you retired.
  • Organize by size. Arrange your things from smallest to largest in size, such as medals and pins. In this way, you can adjust the design that you want for your shadow box.

Different Types of Ideas for Branches of the Military


1. Air Force military shadow box ideas

If you are an Air Force member, you can make a shadow box filled with different achievements. It can be special awards, pins, and others that you gain throughout the years.

The best materials you can get are wooden frames (oak, mahogany or walnut) and glass cover. Other designs you can try are:

  • Shadow box shaped like the Air Force Logo
  • Silver Air Force Falcon
  • Air Force Flag Shadow Box

2. Navy military shadow box ideas

Similar to the Air Force shadow box, you can choose different wooden frames to make a Navy shadow box. Common Navy military box designs are:

  • Shadow box with Military Flag and Medals
  • Certificate and Document Holder Case

3. Marine shadow box ideas

For Marines, it is best to display your swords in your military shadow box. Make sure that you measure what you put inside your box before making it. Other Marine shadow box ideas you can try are:

  • Military Pin Shadow Box
  • Sword Wall Rack Shadow Box
  • US Marine Corps Burial Flag Shadow Box

4. Navy retirement shadow box ideas

Once a military man or woman retires, the items they collected throughout the years are so valuable to them.

As a Navy retiree and you want to customize your shadow box more than the traditional display cases, you can choose these designs below:

  • Navy Retirement Chest Designs
  • Navy Logo Display Case Designs
  • Wine Barrel Design for Military Retirement Shadow Box


Now you have learned what are the military shadow box ideas & plans you can make for yourself or your loved ones. It can be a perfect decoration at your house that you can display with pride.

You can create it for your family, for a retired loved one, for a lost loved one, for memorial of your friend in the military.

All the ideas listed in this article will help you find the best choice for any branch of the military. So, get decorating and let your creativity put a personal touch to your military box project!

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