How Many Military Bases Are in Georgia? (List of 13)

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How Many Military Bases Are in Georgia

Georgia is a state in the United States of America where several military bases are located.

How many military bases are in Georgia? Georgia has 13 military bases that comprise 1 Marine Corps base, 2 Air Force bases, 7 Army bases, 2 Navy bases, and no Coast Guard bases.

Each military base contributes to the country’s security, economy, readiness, and job opportunities for the locals in Georgia.

Together we will explore and know the different military bases in Georgia. If you are ready, scroll down!

List Of Military Bases In Georgia

Here’s a map of military bases in Georgia:

1. Marine Bases

There is one Marine Corps base in Georgia: Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany.

Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) Albany 


Address: 814 Radford Blvd, Albany, GA 31704

Mission: At MCLB Albany, they aim to offer assistance, housing, and facilities that will boost living situations for people sent on operations.

Stationed units:

  • Logistics Command Maintenance Centers

Some facts about the base:

  • On March 1, 1952, the MCLB Albany once served as the Marine Corps Depot of Supplies.
  • The giant oak tree on the base’s main gate is named Dubber’s Oak.
  • MCLB Albany is under Marine Corps Installations East command.

2. Navy Bases in Georgia

There are two Navy bases in Georgia, namely Kings Bay Submarine Base and NAS Atlanta.

1. Kings Bay Submarine Base


Address: 1063 USS Tennessee Avenue, Kings Bay, Georgia

Mission: Supports the Fleet, Fighters, and Family.

Stationed units:

  • Trident Training Facility (TTF)
  • Guided missile: USS Florida (SSGN-728)
  • Ballistic missile: USS Wyoming (SSBN-742)

Some facts about the base:

  • Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarines are housed at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay.
  • The base has approximately 16,000 acres of protected wetlands.

2. Naval Air Station (NAS) Atlanta


Address: Marietta, Georgia

Mission: NAS Atlanta provides facilities for sessions of training for Marine Corps and Navy reservists.

Stationed units:

  • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 142
  • Fleet Logistics Squadron 46
  • Carrier Air Wing Reserve 20

Some facts about the base:

  • NAS Atlanta is now known as General D. Lucius Clay National Guard Center.
  • In January 1943, the facility was named US Naval Air Station Atlanta.
  • At present, more than 1,200 Active-duty Navy and Marine personnel and around 100 civilian workers reside at the site.

3. Army Bases in Georgia

There are a total of 7 Army bases in GA, which are Camp Frank D. Merrill, Fort Benning, Fort Gillem, Fort Gordon, Fort McPherson, Fort Stewart, and Hunter Army Airfield.

1. Camp Frank D. Merrill 


Address: 1 Camp Merrill, Dahlonega, Georgia

Mission: Training soldiers in different conditions and circumstances.

Stationed units:

  • 5th Ranger Training Battalion

Some facts about the base:

  • The name of the base is from Frank D. Merrill, a well-known U.S. Army General in the 20th century.
  • The 290-acre base is situated in the North Georgia mountains.

2. Fort Benning


Address: Columbus, Georgia

Mission: Fort Benning is committed to leading the way in the areas of preparedness, training, and the standard of living.

Stationed units:

  • 3rd Ranger Battalion
  • 75th Ranger Regiment
  • 36th Engineer Group

Some facts about the base:

  • The base has 120,000 active-duty military people living there, their families, civilian staff, Army reservists, and retirees.
  • The base offers locations for the Ranger Training Brigade, U.S. Army Infantry Training School, the Airborne School, the Infantry School, and the School for the Americas.

3. Fort Gillem


Address: Forest Park, Georgia

Mission: Fort Gillem aims to support missions carried out by Fort McPherson.

Stationed units:

  • 3D Military Police
  • Criminal Investigation Command
  • Air Force Exchange Service

Some facts about the base:

  • Fort Gillem is under Fort McPherson.
  • First known as the “Atlanta Army Depot.”
  • The base is named after Alvan Cullom Gillem Jr., one of the most notable commanders during WWI.

4. Fort Gordon


Address: Augusta, Georgia

Motto: Fort Gordon’s tagline says, “Home of the Cyber Center of Excellence: Forge and Project Power.”

Stationed units:

  • 15th Regimental Signal Brigade
  • 369th Signal Battalion
  • 297th Military Intelligence Battalion

Some facts about the base:

  • Fort Gordon was named after Confederate Lieutenant General John Brown Gordon.
  • The base, such as armor and infantry, was used for WWII military training.
  • Established as the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence in March 2014.

5. Fort McPherson


Address: East Point, Georgia (near Atlanta)

Mission: Throughout the Civil War’s post-reconstruction phase, Fort McPherson upholds Union restrictions.

Stationed units:

  • Army Reserve Command
  • Installation Management and the Southeast Command Region (IMCOM-SE)
  • S. Army Central
  • Army Forces Command
  • Army Central Installation

Some facts about the base:

  • The military installation’s name is from Major General James Birdseye McPherson.
  • Fort McPherson is a base that healed almost 20,000 wounded soldiers, as well as the accommodations that housed prisoners of war.

6. Fort Stewart 


Address: Liberty, Georgia

Mission: Fort Stewart is now committed to a challenging goal to deliver top-notch military training to facilitate quick and active deployment worldwide, with the support of Hunter Army Airfield.

Stationed units:

  • 3rd Infantry Division

Some facts about the base:

  • The base encompasses a total of 280,000 acres through 5 counties.
  • Fort Stewart was first named Camp Stewart after the Georgia-native war hero Brig. General Daniel Stewart.

7. Hunter Army Airfield


Address: Savannah, Georgia

Mission: One of its missions is to be a site that allows training for aircraft.

Stationed units:

  • 3rd Infantry Division
  • 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade
  • 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team

Some facts about the base:

  • Hunter Army Airfield housed the whole town of Clyde.
  • Its base is NASA’s suggested landing location for its operations.

4. Air Force Bases in Georgia

There are two Air Forces bases in Georgia, which are the Moody and Robins Air Force Bases.

1. Moody Air Force Base


Address: Northeastern Lowndes County, Georgia

Mission: Moody AFB conducts international activities in accordance with the U.S. national security, humanitarian goals, and war.

Stationed units:

  • 23rd Wing
  • 442nd Fighter Wing
  • 93d Air Ground Operations Wing
  • 820th Base Defense Group
  • 81st Fighter Squadron

Some facts about the base:

  • Moody AFB after George Putnam Moody, who was a US Air Force pioneer.
  • There specialized Air Force training courses are held at the base.

2. Robins Air Force Base


Address: Houston, Georgia

Mission: The Robins AFB is used to train pilots in special operations and combat missions.

Stationed units:

  • Air Force Reserve Command
  • 78th Air Base Wing
  • 402nd Aircraft Maintenance Group
  • 461st Air Control Wing
  • 689th Combat Communications Wing

Some facts about the base:

  • Robins AFB has a massive Air Logistics Center wherein Air Force inventory jets are stored.
  • The base came from Augustine Warner Robins. He was credited for founding U.S. Air Force logistical procedures.
  • Air Force pilots undergo training at the facility in both combat and special operations.
Fun Facts

Do you know what is the largest military base in Georgia?


It is Fort Stewart. This United States Army post is located near Hinesville in Liberty County and is one of the largest in the country. It covers over 280,000 acres and is primarily home to the 3rd Infantry Division.


Hopefully, you had the answers to your question: “How many military bases are in Georgia?”

There 13 defense facilities mentioned in the article play big roles in the country’s military defense and safety.

Each of the military bases has a long history of serving the country and continues to serve up to this day.

If you can only visit one military installation in the state of Georgia, make sure to honor the place and admire our fallen and present heroes.

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