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marc gonzalez, pharm. d.

president, pharmaceutical diversion consultants, llc
president, national association of drug diversion investigators - California chapter
DoD consultant - counterdrug
supervising investigator (retired) - state of california

Marc Gonzalez, Pharm.D. earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Southern California, School of Pharmacy.

Dr. Gonzalez is the President of Pharmaceutical Diversion Consultants, LLC, providing training to military, law enforcement and health care professionals. His consulting services also include conducting compliance evaluations for all entities registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration, including doctors practicing in pain management; providing education and risk  mitigation plans to bring pharmacies into compliance and fulfill their corresponding responsibilities assisting in applying for Prescription Monitoring Programs; providing speakers from federal, state, regulatory and local law enforcement; and, providing assistance to wholesalers who struggle to understand and initiate compliance programs under the DEA "Know Your Customer" wholesaler standards.

Dr. Gonzalez also provides expert testimony on all drug related matters from appropriate prescribing to drug facilitated sexual assault. He also serves as President of the California Chapter, National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators, as well as a consultant for the Department of Defense. His responsibilities with the DoD include training and advising military and law enforcement and participating in various projects requested from as high as the Office of the President. Dr. Gonzalez is currently the lead instructor for the Department of Defense's Regional Counter Drug Training Academy at Naval Air Station Meridian. He has also trained at Midwest Counter Drug and Western Counter Drug Training Academies at their resident military bases throughout the country. Dr. Gonzalez has conducted numerous trainings for military investigative services (NCIS, Army, CID, OSI, CGIS and USMC CID) throughout the World. Dr. Gonzalez is currently an instructor for the California Narcotic Officers' Association and the International Chiefs' of Police - Drug Recognition Experts. Dr. Gonzalez developed the original section on "Medical and Psychological Rule-outs" for the IACP-DRE. He is also part of the core course for DRE with the California Highway Patrol, Impaired Driver Unit's Pre-School" and the Los Angeles Police Department's "Re-Certification" DRE School and has re-certified DRE's throughout the country. Dr. Gonzalez is a contributing author and editor for training modules for the Coalition "End Violence Against Women."

Dr. Gonzalez is a graduate of Senator Presley's Institute for Criminal Investigation, which allows him to certify other instructors as California Peace Officer Standards and Training Instructors. He has instructed health care on Advanced Cardiac Life Support and military/law enforcement personnel in the medical aspects of biological and chemical warfare agents. He previously served on a response team for hospitals in the Los Angeles area in the event of an attack.

Dr. Gonzalez previously worked for Purdue Pharma, L.P., in Corporate Security as a Law Enforcement Liaison and Educator, training thousands of law enforcement officers, health care professionals, military and military investigative services. Dr. Gonzalez previously worked for the State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, as a peace officer, where he supervised investigations involving violations of state and federal laws and regulations relating to medical practitioners and allied health professionals. Dr. Gonzalez was also a California State Board of Pharmacy Inspector.

Dr. Gonzalez served as Head of the Professional Diversion Intelligence Network/Drug Enforcement Administration, a training and task force dealing with pharmaceutical diversion cases nationwide. As head of this task force, Dr. Gonzalez was awarded the highest award that can be given to a California Peace officer by then Attorney General Dan Lungren. The Certificate of Commendation for outstanding contributions and dedication to California drug enforcement. Dr. Gonzalez volunteered for the Los Angeles Police Department for eight years and named "Volunteer of the Year" by then Mayor Tom Bradley and the City Council in 1990 for the amount of hours he worked and the impact he made on crime at the West Los Angeles Division.

In the University setting, Dr. Gonzalez worked as a Clinical Instructor of Pharmacy at he University of Southern California School of Pharmacy. Additionally, he was on the United States Attorney General's Speakers Bureau for the Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Administration to present topics on pharmaceutical diversion. Dr. Gonzalez is a certified instructor of Arrest and Control techniques, holding the rank of Black belt in three different styles of martial arts. He was the State of California's Lead Defensive Tactics Instructor and developed a complete course of POST Certified techniques and escapes. These included the development of three video tapes for controlling violent suspects. Dr. Gonzalez has physical endurance hobbies and has completed 17 Ultra Marathons, 60 Marathons, 42 Half Marathons and 11 Triathlons. Dr. Gonzalez has forty-nine years of Martial Arts Training and Instructing in Hapkido, Kempo, Kick Boxing, Kung Fu and Aikido.