How Many Military Bases Are in Florida – Learn About the 21 Bases

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how many military bases are in florida

Throughout this detailed article, we’ll explore how many military bases are in Florida, spotlighting some of the 21 state installations for the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Navy.

You will also learn about the biggest military base in Florida, the famed Eglin Air Force Base. This building exemplifies the state’s critical role in national defense.

Continue reading to learn more about these military installations.


List of Florida Military Installations & Bases Location

The Florida Military Bases consist of 21 installations. Here is the list of these facilities:

1. Air Force Bases

1. Eglin Air Force Base


During World War II, Eglin played a crucial role in testing special non-nuclear weapons and electronic warfare technologies.

This military base is also known to be the largest Air Force Base in the world.

It is located in the western part of the Florida Panhandle, about five kilometers southwest of Valparaiso in Okaloosa County.

2. Hurlburt Field Air Force Base


It’s the prime site for training a formidable military force and providing housing for soldiers, with nearly 8,000 personnel.

It is a home site and residence of the 1st Special Operations Wing and Air Force Special Operations Command, functioning and operating within Eglin’s extensive Air Force Base.

3. Patrick Air Force Base


Situated in Brevard County, Florida, USA, between Satellite Beach and Cocoa Beach, this base has been in use since 1940, first dedicated to naval operations then later to air force activities in 1948.

In December 2020, it became Patrick Space Force Base, one of the first US Space Force outposts. It serves as the world’s primary spaceport.

4. Tyndall Air Force Base


This military installation operates as a training facility for flight crews, ground-controlled intercept operators, and pilots who perform duties for the Air Defense Command.

It has a reputation for holding training for the F-22 Raptor and housing the 325th Fighter Wing and other units.

5. MacDill Air Force Base


Activated on April 16, 1941, this military base falls under the jurisdiction of the Air Mobility Command.

It has the ability to quickly get air-refueling power ready anywhere in the world.

The base is situated in Western Florida and has a personnel strength of over 12,000 active service personnel.

6. Homestead Air Reserve Base


The government established this military facility, previously named the Homestead Army Airfield, in 1942. Hurricane Andrew tragically destroyed it in 1992, though rebuilding has been done.

This site now functions as a soldier reserve and a host for F16 fighter aircrafts.

2. Army Bases in Florida


It is the sole army base in Florida, situated within Clay County, Southwest of Jacksonville.

This station supports both the Florida National Guard and the Army National Guard.

It also operates as a training spot for Navy and Army ROTC units.

3. Coast Guard Bases

1. Air Station Clearwater Coast Guard Base


This station offers aircraft assistance to the US Coast Guard, aiding the fight against human and drug smuggling in domestic and international waterways.

Additionally, it has the distinction of being the biggest air station in the United States Coast Guard.

2. District 7 Coast Guard Base


The base location of this unit is in Miami. It is a small but highly efficient military unit that has a broad jurisdiction.

It is responsible for overseeing both defensive and peacekeeping operations in Florida, with the broadest mandate of any Coast Guard unit in the US, being responsible for South Carolina, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and 34 additional foreign nations and territories.

3. ISC Miami Coast Guard Base

It is responsible for providing specific services like housing and healthcare to active duty and retired military personnel.

The Base Support Unit, Personnel Services and Support, and Safety Worklife Field are the three departments that make up the facility.

It operates in tandem with District 7.

4. Marine Bases


The facility is responsible for carrying out, coordinating, and planning Marine Air Ground Task Force asset deployments.

Its mission is to provide global support to Marine expeditionary operations. Unlike other bases, its primary purpose is the maintenance of maritime ships.

5. Navy Bases

1. Training Center Corry Navy Base


Training Center Corry was initially established in 1923 as a flight training site, and later transitioned into a technical training center in the 1960s.

While open to civilians, there are specific guidelines and restrictions that must be adhered to when visiting this facility.

2. NAS Jacksonville Navy Base


This Naval Air Station offers aid to US and partner forces, with a distinct emphasis on anti-submarine warfare.

Additionally, this facility is renowned for training some of the finest aviators worldwide.

Initially, up until 1919, it was home to the second-largest rifle range.

3. NS Mayport Navy Base


Constructed from 1939 to 1942, it became operational in 1942, and is situated in Jacksonville, Florida.

This military base offers operational and logistical support and programs that promote and strengthen the quality of life of service members.

Its primary objective is to maintain and improve warfighter readiness.

4. Autec Complex Navy Base


The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center opened formally in 1959.

This military installation’s primary goal is to specialize in finding, detecting, and neutralizing enemy targets in water and air while conducting advanced tests and training for underwater techniques, including measuring performance in simulated warfare scenarios.

Here are additional Navy bases not discussed in detail, in addition to those previously mentioned:

  1. NAS Key West Navy Base
  2. NAS Pensacola Navy Base
  3. NAS Whiting Field Navy Base
  4. Naval Air Warfare Center Navy Base
  5. Naval Hospital Jacksonville Navy Base
  6. Naval Hospital Pensacola Navy Base
  7. NAS Panama City Navy Base


In this article, we have learned about how many military bases are in Florida.

Furthermore, we’ve discussed various functions and services of these military bases. Some bases specialize in training; some handle surveillance; and others concentrate on maintaining and improving warfare equipment.

These 21 military bases aren’t just installations without purpose; they each serve a vital and enduring role in national security.

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