How to Change an Apple Watch to Military Time? – 4 Steps

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how to change an apple watch to military time

Are you tired of getting confused between morning and evening hours? The best solution is to set your Apple Watch to military time.

So, how to change an Apple watch to military time? We will walk you through the simple steps of changing the clock. By making this adjustment, you can avoid mistakes and simplify time calculations.

The 24-hour clock, also recognized as the military time format, provides an easy and convenient way to tell time. When you turn military time on, you will be safe dealing with computing time differences. So, let’s explore the simple steps to enable it.

Steps to Change an Apple Watch to the Military Time on iPhone

Switching your Apple Watch to a military time format is an easy process. But remember that you cannot change the time format directly on the Apple Watch itself.

Instead, you need to change to military time on your Apple phone, and the changes will automatically reflect on your Watch.

Here are the steps to and put military time on the Apple Watch via your iPhone:


  1. Navigate to the Watch Application of Apple on your iPhone. It is usually found on your home screen or in the App library to have safe access and can manage various settings for your Apple Watch.
  2. Access “Clock”
  3. Change the time format by toggling to the 24-hour option.
  4. After changing your time format, customize your Apple Face Clock.
  5. You can only use the 24-hour time format through the digital faces, so click “General” then “Face Gallery” to show the options for your Apple Watch face.
  6. You can pick “Modular” to display the digital clock. With that, you can see the Apple Watch 24-hour clock face image appearing as a description for your choice.
  7. Then, click “Add” to successfully change Apple Watch time to military time.

How to Change the iPhone Clock to Military Time

You’ll need to adjust the settings on the iPhone to change the time format:


  1. First, you must exit the Apple Watch app.
  2.  Next is to navigate to the “Settings” app.
  3. From there, scroll down and tap “General” then “Date & Time.”
  4. In the Date & Time settings, toggle the “24-Hour Time” option to enable military time.
  5. This time format change will also reflect on your Apple Watch.

How to Change an Apple Watch With Both Military and Regular Time

You can easily make Apple Watch’s 24-hour time  format back to regular time and vice versa through the watch application of Apple.


Here are the steps to switch to a different time format:

  1. To start with, you must access your Watch App.
  2. Next, you must proceed and go to My Watch.
  3. After which, access the Clock.
  4. Lastly, slide and switch the option to set the iPhone 24 hour time or regular time.

With both military and regular time on Apple Watch, you can switch the time format whenever you want to.

Just remember that only digital faces support the Apple Watch’s 24-hour Clock. So choose a digital face for military time and easily switch back to regular format when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does everyone else use military time?

Military time is primarily adapted and utilized by individuals with 24/7 operations like public transportation, hospitals, emergency services, and government agencies.

Moreover, it is also commonly used in non-English-speaking countries to facilitate clear and precise time communication in various languages and cultures.

That’s why many personnel in these facilities choose to fix time on their Apple watch to be in sync with the commands.

Will changing the time format affect other watch features?

Features and apps that show military and regular time, such as notifications, World Clock, and alarms, will still match the actual time even if you change iPhone time to military time format.

The setting change only applies to the watch face, allowing you to read the time in the military format while keeping the rest of your device’s time-related features synchronized and unaffected.

Are there any alternatives to military time on Apple Watch?

Though using Apple Watch’s military time is common, there are alternative ways to display time based on personal preference:

  1. Standard Format – 12-hour time format with AM/PM indication.
  2. Customized Watch Faces – Apple offers analog and digital formats, allowing you to choose from analog minimalist, digital minimalist, meridian, and modular styles.
  3. Third-party Application Formats – Explore the App Store for custom formats catering to various artistic preferences.

A benefit for switching to military time format

Switch your iPhone to military time for convenience, clear AM and PM differentiation, and easier time zone adjustments. Use a handy military time chart to help you distinguish the standard 12-hour and 24-hour forms.

Embracing your military time with your iPhone’s 24-hour time format can enhance timekeeping and time management.


Changing the time format of your Apple Watch is a simple process. With the assistance of our guide, you will know How to change an Apple Watch to military time?, and all you need is an iPhone and your Apple Watch to synchronize the desired changes.

Military time offers benefits like more straightforward time calculation and a clear distinction between morning and evening hours. Please note that changing clock to military time on the Apple Watch requires an iPhone and is only available on digital watch faces.

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