5 Best Tactical Gloves For Cold Weather to Keep Your Hands Warm

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Even when it’s cold outside, I still like to do outdoor activities like hunting and shooting at the range. As a result, I demand more of my tactical gloves. The best tactical gloves for cold weather provide adequate warmth while staying functional.

Looking at the market, there are many tactical gloves available, but only a few can survive the cold. Here are some of the important features that you need to seek out when buying a new pair for high-performance tasks.

  • Material: You want the material to be durable to withstand the high pressure of tactical activities. To prevent freezing your hands, look for quick-drying materials. In our reviews, most of the gloves are made of synthetic leather, while others use wool and polyester.
  • Insulation: The material alone may not be enough to shelter your hands from the cold breeze. You want an extra layer to protect your skin, not just from the cold but also from minor cuts. While shopping, you can choose from a variety of insulation like Kevlar and foam pads.
  • Dexterity: You don’t want to compromise dexterity when it comes to tactical gloves. Choose insulation, but not too much that you lose the feeling of things. Look for flexible fabrics and a thin material construction along the fingertips.

The buying guide doesn’t end here. There’s still more to learn below. To keep the guesswork out of your mind, here are the top 8 best tactical gloves fit for cold weather we have tried out.


PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT)

Material: Faux leather

Color: Brown

Item Weight: 2.26 oz

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Best Value

Mechanix Wear The Original

Material: Acrylic fabric

Color: Ranger green

Item Weight: 0.32 oz

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Kemimoto Tactical Gloves

Material: Synthetic leather, microfiber

Color: Black

Item Weight: 3.18 oz

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5 top-rated Tactical Gloves For Cold Weather

1. Mechanix Wear The Original Tactical Work Gloves


  • Material: Faux leather
  • Color: Brown
  • Item Weight: 2.26 oz
  • Wrist Closure: Hook and loop
  • Touchscreen Capable: Yes
  • Special Feature: TrekDry material
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The Original tactical gloves are perfect hand protection for shooting and working in semi-cold temperatures. This pair can protect hands from injuries and the cold breeze while ensuring wearers stay comfortable.

The faux leather construction looks elegant and durable, especially with the reinforced thumb and index fingers. I tried moving heavy objects with these thin gloves on, and I’m pleased that I didn’t experience any scratches on my palm. The gloves are also comfortable to use, thanks to the TrekDry material that keeps my hands sweat-free.

What I like most is the high dexterity of this pair because I can still use my touchscreen phone with ease. Also, it feels comfortable pulling the trigger, making this model a perfect pair for shooting tactical guns at the range. What’s more interesting is that picking up pieces of tools on the ground is still possible with gloves on.

Another appealing side of this product is the thermoplastic rubber (TPR) wrist closure, as it makes me feel confident that the gloves won’t slip in the middle of work. My brother with thinner wrists can even use the large gloves because the hook and loop design is adjustable.

The best news is that they’re machine-washable, meaning they’re easy to clean after a long work day.

However, the size runs a little big. If buyers want the gloves to fit snugly, they must go a size lower than usual.

  • Cankeep hands warm in semi-cold temperatures
  • Has excellent dexterity to shoot guns, carry objects, and use touchscreen devices
  • Durable with reinforced fingers and faux leather construction
  • Keeps sweat at bay, thanks to the TrekDry material
  • Offers a secure, adjustable fit around the wrist
  • Easy to clean in the washer
  • Runs a bit large

2. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Gloves


  • Material: Acrylic fabric
  • Color: Ranger green
  • Item Weight: 0.32 oz
  • Wrist Closure: Bar-tacked paracord loop
  • Touchscreen Capable: Yes
  • Special Feature: Wrap-over fingertip design, silicon grip
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Another pair that’s best for combat and shooting is the FDT Delta. These utility gloves are built with dexterity to make excellent shooting gloves for cold weather.

Compared to other models of the same brand, these Delta are lightweight gloves made of the thinnest material to increase dexterity and tactility. They fit snugly, almost like a second skin, providing me with the ability to use my touchscreen phone and shoot a gun without any restrictions.

Since the knuckles have less padding, the gloves make it easy to reach into my pockets to access keys and coins.

I like the fact that the palm has a sort of silicon grip to ensure that the gun won’t slip through my fingers while shooting. On top of that, the fingertips have a wrap-over design to protect my nails when doing heavy manual work. For someone with sweaty hands, I enjoy the ventilation on the fabric that keeps perspiration at bay.

As for the level of protection, I find it decent because the gloves are capable of protecting my hands from minor cuts and debris. The best part is that it’s pretty easy to slide my hands into the gloves due to the paracord loops. The loops are bar-tacked, so I don’t think they’re going to break easily.

The only drawback is that this pair could be too tight for people with thick fingers. To ensure a perfect fit, get a size larger than normal.

  • Easy to wear with the paracord loop and bar-tacked for durability
  • Offers a good trigger feel and touchscreen compatibility
  • Built with a non-slip silicone grip
  • Designed with wrap-over fingertip protection
  • Lightweight, breathable, and easy to put into the pockets
  • Offers decent protection from the cold and minor cuts
  • Runs a bit small for fat fingers

3. Kemimoto Tactical Gloves


  • Material:Synthetic leather, microfiber
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 3.18 oz
  • Wrist Closure: Adjustable velcro
  • Touchscreen Capable: Yes
  • Special Feature: Hard knuckles, vent holes
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For extra knuckle protection, these Kemimoto gloves are the best pair to use. They look sturdy and are reinforced in the right areas.

The hard knuckles appeal to me the most because I always want a pair of gloves to use for self-defense. I got hit on the knuckles during winter biking and hardly felt anything.

Because there’s a microfiber material infused on the gloves, there’s enough cushion when my hands get knocked over. It’s pretty helpful in keeping my hands safe during motorcycle riding or patrol missions.

More than protection, these gloves keep my hands warm on cold days. I don’t get sweaty hands due to the ventilation holes that keep my hands dry and cozy. I know this pair will last because the seams are doubled for durability, and the synthetic leather on the palm stays rugged while providing a secure grip.

Despite the toughness, I’m surprised that the gloves have excellent touch sensitivity to allow me to use my smartphone while wearing them. I can also easily handle an airsoft gun or a handgun at the shooting range. These gloves are pretty flexible for their rugged appearance.

My only complaint is the gloves have a strong smell from the box. To remove the odor, air the gloves out for a few hours.

  • Built with hard knuckles for extra protection
  • Has a microfiber cushion to protect hands from impact
  • Feels warm and provides vent holes to keep hands dry
  • Durable with double seams and synthetic leather palms
  • Has dexterity to use guns and touchscreen capability
  • Flexible to use for comfort
  • Smells right out of the box

4. Hikeman Tactical Army Military Gloves


  • Material: Faux leather, spandex
  • Color: Army green
  • Item Weight: 3.89 oz
  • Wrist Closure: Adjustable velcro
  • Touchscreen Capable: Yes
  • Special Feature: Hard knuckles, vent holes
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Hikeman is another pair of tough-looking military winter gloves with a hard knuckle construction. They’re pretty versatile as they can be used in different applications like hunting, cycling, and shooting.

These winter shooting gloves seem to be well-built. The carbon-hard shell knuckles look intimidating and seem powerful enough to take someone out. They also provide outstanding protection from impact during combat and motorcycle riding.

With the combination of synthetic leather and nylon, the gloves feel warm in mild winter conditions.

Fortunately, the grip works well on these army winter gloves. I can firmly hold anything, from a pistol to small tools and motorcycle handles. Also, the touchscreen sensitivity of the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger works well in typing text on my phone.

I love the elasticity of the gloves, thanks to the spandex designed above the wrist as it helps me move comfortably with them.

Surprisingly, the gloves stand well against water. I got them soaking wet in the rain, yet my hands stayed dry. This makes me believe that the gloves are virtually waterproof. Moreso, there’s no need to worry about clammy hands because the vents dry up the sweat immediately. For the price, this pair offers exceptional value.

However, these gloves aren’t machine washable. Buyers will need to hand wash them to keep their materials intact.

  • Built with hard knuckles for self-defense and protection
  • Feel warm and comfortable with the elastic spandex, leather, and nylon
  • Has an anti-slip grip on the palm
  • Provides superior water resistance and vent design
  • Has high touchscreen sensitivity and dexterity
  • Comes at an economical price
  • Can’t be put in the washer

5. WTactful Tactical Gloves


  • Material: Microfiber, neoprene
  • Color: Brown
  • Item Weight: 6.35 oz
  • Wrist Closure: Adjustable velcro
  • Touchscreen Capable: Yes
  • Special Feature: Molded guard plates
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WTactful is another pair of winter tactical gloves that offers an impressive balance of durability and comfort. I’ve used them in moderately cold temperatures, and my hands didn’t get frozen.

I appreciate the water resistance of this pair. The gloves somehow kept my hands relatively dry when I used them in the snow and rain, all thanks to the microfiber material on the palm that dries up fast and the breathable padded fabric at the back.

I tried shooting with these gloves, and it was a surprise how flexible they were. The neoprene on the joints stretches to let me bend my finger and pull the trigger. On top of that, the textured inner fabric let me hold the gun securely and even work on my touchscreen devices with ease. The dexterity is quite impressive, considering the gloves’ heavy-duty construction.

What I like most is the guard plates around the knuckles because they serve as protection from abrasions, cuts, and impact. I fell on the rocks when playing airsoft and to my surprise, my hands were scrape-free.

These gloves aren’t only perfect for airsoft but also work for other activities like bike riding, shooting, and hiking in desert cold temperatures.

However, these are heavy gloves to wear for a long time.

  • Has outstanding water resistance to keep moisture out
  • Made of quick-drying microfiber and breathable padded back
  • Flexible, thanks to neoprene joints
  • Textured fabric for superb touchscreen sensitivity and dexterity
  • Built with guard plates for knuckle protection
  • Versatile to use for any activities that need hand protection
  • A bit heavy to wear

6. Tac9er Kevlar Lined Tactical Gloves


  • Material: Kevlar, PVC, microfiber
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 7.77 oz
  • Wrist Closure: Adjustable hook and loop
  • Touchscreen Capable: Yes
  • Special Feature: Kevlar lining, knuckle guards, 5-year warranty
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This pair of Tac9er is the best extreme cold weather gloves because it feels incredibly warm. I like to use these gloves for heavy work as they offer maximum protection from cuts.

Woven inside the gloves, the Kevlar lining appeals to me the most with its extreme durability and comfort. The material is strong yet lightweight, making these tactical winter gloves comfortable to wear for long hours. It’s adequately thick to provide the best insulation in cold weather.

The knuckle guards aren’t made of cheap plastic. They’re made of high-quality PVC and hard molded to provide the best impact protection. True enough, I didn’t suffer any injuries when I hit my hand on a concrete wall. The best part is that the knuckle guards don’t pinch my skin as they have enough flex to conform to my every movement.

I think these gloves are durable because they’re double-stitched throughout to prevent seam breakage. The reinforced palm not only provides a secure grip but also protection from handling heavy machines. Altogether, the gloves work well in protecting my hands from sharp objects while staying touch-sensitive for phone use.

While this pair offers an impressive 5-year warranty to replace the gloves when broken, the price is a bit too high.

  • Lined with Kevlar to protect against the cold and cuts
  • Built with PVC knuckles to resist impact and allow for smooth movements
  • Durable with double stitches around the seams
  • Designed with a reinforced palm to grip firmly and work with heavy machines
  • Works well with touchscreen devices; lightweight for long-hour wear
  • Can be replaced within the 5-year warranty period
  • A bit expensive

7. Glove Station Tactical Gloves


  • Material: Polyester, synthetic leather
  • Color: Gray
  • Item Weight: 4.94 oz
  • Wrist Closure: Adjustable hook and loop
  • Touchscreen Capable: Yes
  • Special Feature: Molded knuckle plates, air holes
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Glove Station makes the warmest gloves with its slight padding to provide insulation and protection while hiking outdoors. The gloves are thin enough to feel things with my fingers and protective enough to keep my hands free from harm.

The palm is reinforced with leather, providing an excellent shield when I’m handling sharp objects. It offers an excellent grip so that I can pick up a wrench, thanks to the textured surface.

Meanwhile, the hard knuckles feel more like hard plastic, so they don’t weigh the gloves down. They’re very protective, especially the carbon fabric that seems to make my hands scratch-resistant.

Despite the ruggedness of the gloves, they’re surprisingly comfortable to wear for long hours. As someone with sweaty hands, I appreciate the breathable spandex and air holes in each finger to help dry the sweat quickly. My hands don’t feel stuffy at all, and more importantly, I can move my fingers freely with the neoprene joints.

The dexterity of this pair is on point. I can pull the trigger of my handgun without any problem because the fingers aren’t too thick. So far, the touch screen sensitivity of the fingertips works fine on my smartphone. Additionally, the foam pads on the gloves help absorb impact to prevent blisters.

My only gripe is that the gloves don’t have enough water resistance to use in the rain.

  • Well-padded yet thin enough for dexterity; with impact-resistant foam pads
  • Has a reinforced palm for a secure grip and protection
  • Can work with touchscreen devices and allows easy handling of tools
  • Offers maximum knuckle protection with additional carbon fabric
  • Comfortable to wear with the air holes and breathable fabric
  • Has adequate elasticity between fingers to move and wear easily
  • Not enough water resistance

8. Mcguire Army Navy Wool Nylon Blend Tactical Gloves


  • Material: Wool, nylon
  • Color: Green Od
  • Item Weight: 0.63 oz
  • Wrist Closure: Pull-on
  • Touchscreen Capable: No
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Mcguire Army Navy offers the simplest gloves for warmth and dexterity with this product. This pair is a combination of 70% wool and 30% nylon, providing outstanding insulation in cold weather.

The wool material is the most appealing part of these gloves. It feels soft and warm even when soaking wet. Also, I like how it helps regulate my body temperature depending on the weather. When it’s cold, the material tries to keep me warm, and I notice that my sweat also dries up quickly with the gloves on.

Washing the gloves is also super easy. I like to throw the pair in the washer, and they always come out wrinkle-free. I think these gloves will last longer because part of the construction is made of durable nylon. Together with the natural wool fibers, they’re hard to tear down.

Since they’re soft and thin, the gloves give marvelous dexterity. I can easily get my gun from my pocket and pull the trigger silently, perfect for hunters. Not to mention that the gloves are easy to put on and off with the elastic wrists. For the price, I can purchase plenty of pairs of this model.

However, these gloves feel a bit itchy right out of the box. To make them less itchy, consider washing them with a hair detergent or any gentle soap.

  • Feels warm and soft with wool and nylon
  • Can help regulate body temperature
  • Wicks away moisture very well
  • Easy to wash and put on/off
  • Durable and tear-resistant
  • Provides superior dexterity at a low price
  • A bit itchy

What to Look for When Buying Tactical Gloves for Cold Weather


Tactical gloves need not only to be durable and functional but also protect against the cold when you want to use them in chilly conditions. Here are the things to consider when purchasing a new pair of cold-weather tactical gloves.

  • Material

The best materials for warm shooting gloves are durable and comfortable. One of them is leather, which is ultimately windproof and moderately water-resistant, hence effective in keeping warm in cold weather. While keeping you cozy, this material is breathable to ensure users feel less stuffy.

Synthetic fabrics like polyester are another popular choice with their great insulation properties and warmth. They’re also abrasion-resistant, making them one of the strongest materials for gloves. If you want extra softness, wool is a better material that can even regulate your body temperature no matter the weather.

  • Insulation

A single piece of material won’t make your hands feel warm in the coldest weather.You want the tactical gloves to be greatly insulated to continue your activities in chilling conditions.

An inner Kevlar lining is ideal with its toughness and comfort. It offers a high level of protection from the cold, cuts, and scrapes. For snowy conditions, look for a water-resistant liner like neoprene to keep your hands dry.

Foam pads can also be perfect insulators to trap heat inside the gloves. Look for padding, but not too much that it can affect your dexterity.

  • Design

To get maximum cold protection, look for a full-finger design. This type of construction also provides extra security against any sharp or falling objects. Though higher in dexterity, it’s not recommended to get a fingerless design because it can expose the tips of your fingers to the cold.

For combat training, look for hard knuckle plates so that your hands experience less impact. These knuckle guards are often made of rubber or carbon fiber to harden the gloves. Without them, you can break the bones in your knuckles when something heavy falls on your hands.

  • Dexterity

While keeping your hands warm, you want the gloves to provide the best dexterity for the execution of your tasks. You need to feel the trigger when shooting at the range and have adequate grip when picking up tiny tools at work. For this reason, tactical gloves need to be thin but adequately insulated.

Look for a stretchy material like spandex to prevent restrictions in your movement. Avoid stiff materials which might hinder your ability to perform fine motor skills. Some top rated gloves come with removable trigger finger to help wearers shoot well while keeping the hands warm.

  • Touchscreen Compatibility

At this age, all of us have a smartphone, and it will be a bother if you need to remove the gloves just to make a text or call. For this reason, choose gloves with excellent touchscreen sensitivity.

The thumb, forefinger, and middle fingers are usually the parts that are designed with touchscreen sensitivity. These parts are often made of a thin material to tap on the screen easily.

  • Fitting

The proper fit is essential if you want to ensure high performance. Choosing something too tight can restrict your blood flow, while too loose can affect your mobility. Hence, get the right size should be snug and comfortable.

To get a more customized fit, look for adjustable wrist straps. These gloves are often built with a hook and loop closure to customize the fit more easily. Also, spandex and nylon can stretch and conform to your hand.

What Are the Most Trusted Tactical Gloves for Cold Weather?


All the brands we mentioned above are trusted tactical gloves for cold weather. For example, Kemimoto and Hikeman use synthetic leather to add insulation to your hands. Tac9er even turns the notch higher with the Kevlar lining to protect hands from extremely cold temperatures.

How Do I Know if Tactical Gloves Are the Right Size for Me?

Measure the length and width of your dominant hand to get the right glove size. To get the length, run a tape measure from the tip of your middle finger to the bottom of the palm. For the width, wrap a tape measure around your palm, excluding the thumb.

Record the dimensions and refer to the product’s sizing chart.

What Are the Best Materials for Cold Weather Tactical Gloves?

Synthetic leather has exceptional flexibility under low temperatures and blocks winds to keep your hands toasty. Polyester and wool are also ideal with their natural warmth and moisture-wicking abilities to keep your hands dry. Look out for breathable liners like acrylic and polyester to increase insulation.

Do Tactical Gloves Keep Hands Warm?

Some tactical gloves can keep your hands cozy, especially those that use insulation to trap heat. These models are often quick-drying to prevent moisture from building up and making us feel colder.

Can I Use Tactical Gloves for Outdoor Activities Other Than Military or Law Enforcement?

Yes, tactical gloves aren’t limited to military or law enforcement use. They can also be used for outdoor activities like hunting, shooting sports, and hiking. Compared to regular gloves, tactical models offer better protection and dexterity.

How Do I Properly Care for My Tactical Gloves?

Clean your tactical gloves according to their material. For synthetic leather, you can easily clean it with gentle soap and cool water. Use cold water for wool to prevent shrinking.

Never use bleach because it can cause premature damage to your gloves. After washing, it’s recommended to air-dry them to protect the structure of the pair.


I hope getting the best tactical gloves for cold weather is now easy as you’ve come to the end of this article. I highly recommend The Original because it offers a great balance of dexterity and protection. Everything works well, including the touchscreen compatibility and breathable TrekDry material.

For lightweight gloves with exceptional dexterity, the FDT Delta Gloves are a perfect alternative. Kemimoto provides one of the best knuckle guards, while Tac9er boasts a Kevlar lining to upgrade protection and comfort.

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