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Welcome to safecallnow

Welcome to Safecallnow. We can offer you assistance in equipping you with police equipment. We are qualified as a consulting service for your requirements. You can visit us to find information and updates on the advanced gear and qualifying equipment for law enforcement. Our mission is to help officers deliver a more efficient and safe service.

Who are we

Logan Miller (Founder)

Logan Miller, the founder of Safecallnow, is responsible for providing expert guidance on police equipment. He can give officers with credible knowledge on how to employ enhanced safety measures and police equipment to ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency. He can provide specialist assistance regarding the selection of apparel, duty gear, first aid supplies, tools, and training equipment for homeland security and law enforcement.

Kennedy Thompson (Content Strategy)

Kennedy Thompson is responsible for our content strategy. He is a market research and content creation expert. He is responsible for finding police equipment supply of the greatest quality, at competitive costs, with excellent service and prompt delivery to consumers. He locates superior services and products for your selection.

John Cotton (Copywriter)

John Cotton is Safecallnow’s copywriter. He is an authority on research and reviews. He is responsible for locating information and guidance on riot and disturbance control equipment, training equipment, correctional products, watch house products, tactical equipment, government regulation information, and more. His work guarantees a high level of proficiency and authority.