What is 1345 Military Time? & How to Convert?

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What is 1345 Military Time

What is 1345 military time? In army time, 1345 is equivalent to 1:45 pm. It is read as either “thirteen-forty-five” or “one-three-four-five hours.”

The 13:45 time is based on a 24-hour clock instead of the 12-hour regular time.

It’s a common concept of time used among servicemen to communicate with each other. As we learn about this system, it’s rather easy to use.

What Time is 1345?


1345 is equal to the standard times 13:45 (24-hour) and 1:45 PM (12-hour). And the military time of 1345 is read as “one three four five hours” or “thirteen forty-five hours.”

The difference between military time and 24-hour regular time is minimal. You just have to remember:

  • 13:45 regular time uses a colon, but its military time version does not.
  • Any time between 12:01 and 9:59 in military time uses a leading zero, while regular time does not. For example, 5 in the morning is written as 0500 for military time, but 5:00 for regular time.
  • Understanding these noteworthy differences between formats could be useful once you enlist in the military. It also removes the need for any military to regular time converter.

Converting 1345 Military Time


You won’t find the time converter military uses in active duty. There is no official tool or converter for this. However, you can learn how to convert standard time to military time yourself.

Here are step-by-step conversion methods you can use:

Original Method

1. Separate the hours from minutes. The last two digits always refer to the minutes, while the first (or first two) digit/s refer to hours. In this 1345 example, “13” is the hours and “45” the minutes.

2. Subtract 12 from the hour. If the time is greater than 1300, you simply subtract 12 from the given hours.

  • 13 – 12 = 1

3. Copy the minutes as is and add colon between the hours and minutes.

  • 1:45

4. Add AM or PM. Any time 11:59 and below is considered AM, while any time greater than 12:00 is considered pm.

  • 1:45 PM is the proper conversion for 1345 military time.
Shortcut Method

1. Subtract 1200 from 1345.

  • 1345 – 1200 = 145

2. Add a colon after 1 to make 1:45.

3. Add PM (because 1345 is over 1159 military time).

4. Your answer would be 1:45 PM

You can also memorize this military time conversion chart, so your muscle memory can just figure out the time for you.

Military time

24-hour clock

12-hour clock (AM/PM)

1330 hours (or thirteen thirty hours)


1:30 PM

1335 (or thirteen thirty-five hours)


1:35 PM

1340 (or thirteen forty hours)


1:40 PM

1345 (or thirteen fourty-five hours)


1:45 PM

1350 (or thirteen fifty hours)


1:50 PM

1355 (or thirteen fifty-five hours)


1:55 PM

1400 (or fourteen hundred hours)


2:00 PM

1405 (or fourteen zero five hours)


2:05 PM

1410 (or fourteen ten hours)


2:10 PM

1415 (or fourteen fifteen hours)


2:15 PM

1420 (or fourteen twenty hours)


2:20 PM

1425 (or fourteen twenty-five hours)


2:25 PM

1430 (or fourteen thirty hours)


2:30 PM

This chart above only shows examples of time from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM. Note that there is a corresponding military time for every 12-hour or 24-hour standard time.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Converting Military Time

If you’re still memorizing military time, be aware of these common mistakes:

  • Just dropping the first digit – The biggest mistake people make in converting military time is they drop the first digit. In the 1345 example, they drop 1 and read the time as 3:45 when the correct time is actually 1:45.
  • Forgetting to use leading zeros – Military time has four digits, so even if it is 9:59 AM, you should still add 0 in front of the time to make 0959 (zero-nine-five-nine). This zero is known as the ‘leading zero’ and represents hours before 10 AM.
  • Using AM or PM – Military time doesn’t use AM or PM. While this is a minor error, it could still confuse other people if you’re using the time for conversations.
  • Not considering time zones – If you’re communicating with someone from another country with a different time zone, sharing military time may not be enough. You’d have to consider time zones on top of shared military time to be totally in sync.

Avoiding these issues could help you learn military time faster.

Usage and Significance of 1345 Military Time


In the military, there is nothing significant about the exact 13:45 time.

However, the usage of military time has been traced back to World War I. In 1920, the Navy began syncing their official time to United Kingdom time because all other WW1 allied armies used UK time then.

If you visit the US Naval Observatory in Washington, DC today, you can view the official time they followed over a century ago.

In the present day, military time is still used not only in the military but also within industries that require time accuracy. These industries include medical fields and hospitals, public transportation, science/engineering fields (astronomers or meteorologists), emergency services, and many more.

Some countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America also use 24-hour or military time in their day-to-day lives.

Tips to Read and Write 1345 in Military Time


There are two ways you can say or write 1345 in military time.

  • Read the number one at a time + add “hours.”

With this method, 1345 would read as “one, three, four, five” hours.

  • Read the number into two groups: the first two together (hours), the last two together (minutes) + add “hours.”

With this method, 1345 would read “thirteen forty-five” hours.

Both methods are acceptable to the military, but they aren’t used simultaneously. The first method, where each digit is spfffoken, is usually used on the radio for accuracy.

Meanwhile, method two is often used in face-to-face instructions or casual conversations within the military.


Now that you know what is 1345 military time and learn the proper ways in which military time is calculated, you won’t find yourself having to compute mentally whenever someone gives assignments or instructions with military time.

Of course, this isn’t the biggest dilemma you’ll face when you enlist, but learning military time checks one potential issue off your list.

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